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Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Picture Post!

My boys were monsters this year and they loved trick or treating!  It was a blizzard out there that night but they were troopers!  I made sure the costumes I bought this year would work well with jackets, snowpants, hats, and boots:)
Dylan as the green monster

AJ as a blue monster

My cuties:)

I told you, a blizzard out there!

My peeping toms.


  1. Omg! Your boys are adorable little monsters!
    Our foster son was a blue monster and Levi was a puppy dog. :)
    Looks like all is well with you!

  2. I love their costumes! So cute!

    I can believe all the snow! We havent seen any yet here in Ontario!

  3. Thanks ladies!! Kim, I did see the adorable puppy and monster!! So, so cute!

    Jo, send me your address and I'll ship some of this snow your way! I barely could get out of my driveway!

  4. They are so cute!! How are you? I started a new blog
    Check it out when you have a chance, ttyl!

  5. Adorable! :) ~Britt

  6. oh my word they looks seriously GORGEOUS in those outfits!!!