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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bra Shopping and Valentine's Day!

How many of you have been fitted for a bra recently?  How many of you find it incredibly awkward to peel off all your layers of clothes above the waist and stand naked in front of a sales lady you met about 3 minutes ago and shake your "girls" into a bra while the lady inspects the fit?? **raises hand**

But I had to do it.  I've been wearing the same two bras for the past 3 years!!  They are so worn out and I was tired of feeling like my boobs were falling out of the bottom of them (like the underwire hardly ever touched my torso and then the material between the two cups acted like a bridge, I seriously could have stuck my wallet in there and carried it around).  I dropped AJ off at preschool and headed to Nordstrom on Tuesday.  Of course I casually browsed the bras, grabbed a couple in 38DDD and 40F before the sales lady took charge, asked my size and went to the back. Little did I know, it's much easier for them to run to the back to grab sizes if you are a larger cup.  I measured myself at home, 38 DDD, maybe F.  I lied and told the lady I'd been measured a few weeks ago.  I really do not lie like that, but I was so stinkin nervous I just blurted it out.  So in I went to the dressing room and I tried on the first bra that I CHOSE.  Awful, totally not the right fit.  So I decided right then and there to just ask the lady for help. 

She said the cup size was too small, she came back with larger cup sizes.  Still wasn't working, she asked to remeasure  me, I let her.  I'm a 36- G.....wait what????  She ran out and came back a couple minutes later with a bunch in that size.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. fit perfectly, I'd never felt better about my boobs than right then!  Moral of the story, get professionally fitted!!!!  I meant to buy 2 bras, I ended up with 3 and a sports bra and 2 camisoles.  I called Chad immediately and said I'd forfeit my allowance for this month and March to cover it.  He didn't mind but it's only fair when spending that much!  I had bought a Moving Comfort sports bra in a 38 DD, fits awful but is better than my old sports bras and now I get why it fit so bad, totally the wrong size but it was the largest the running store carried and that bra only goes up to a 40DD online. At Nordstrom I bought a Wacoal sports bra, it looks almost like a regular bra and looks normal under regular clothes, score! 

And by the way, I did day 3 of the Couch to 5K program in it yesterday, walked 5 minutes....RAN 20 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING!!!!!  More on that later, but I did it!!!! 

Last night I bought Jillian Michael's Slim For Life book on my Nook that was just released, look at this little tid bit for my PCOS ladies!  For real??  Awesome sauce right there huh?

AJ has his first Valentines party at preschool today.  I made these invitations off of an idea on Pinterest, loved how they turned out. 

We are heading to dinner with my parents tonight. I know, not a romantic date for two, but I've had some really awful Valentines dates with Chad in the past 3 years and I'm just going to play it safe tonight.  Baby steps right?  He did buy me this clutch that is awesome and I made him homemade truffles and got him a gym membership that he wanted. 
Happy Valentines Day Friends!!  Hope it's a wonderful day for you and your loved ones!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Date Night and C25K Update!

My husband and I had a date this past Friday with some Chinese food and the movie Identity Theft.  I have worn a dress once in the past year for a wedding but that's it but I bought several new ones at the Gap clearance sale the day after Christmas.  So I thought maybe I'd wow my husband and throw one on for the night!  Even though I'm only down 8 lbs since New Year's Eve, I feel like I'm standing a bit taller and I have a little more confidence:)  And seriously, how do the other bloggers take such good self portraits?!  Excuse the bathroom backdrop and my dirty mirror, but you get the idea!  I know horizontal stripes are supposed to be the worst pattern for larger girls, but seriously, I'm not trying to fool someone into believing a size 2 is hiding under that dress!

I'm on week 5 of the couch to 5K program, it's killer!!!  I went from running 3 minutes at a time to running 5 minutes at a time for a total of 15 minutes and today I have to crank out 8 minutes of running, 5 minutes of walking, then 8 more minutes of running.  Two days later tha workout says "Run 2 Miles."  WHHHHAAATTT?  But I'm not ready!! That's what I keep telling myself followed by saying that I know I can do it.  It's a total mental game at this point.  Also, cheat meal has turned into cheat day which turned into cheat weekend.  I really have to get back on track because it's awful feeling like you've undone all your hardwork during the week with a sloppy weeekend. 

This weekend I took the boys ice fishing with my Dad.  We did this a lot as kids, but it was my sons first time!  We didn't catch anything the first day but my husband took AJ back yesterday and he finally caught one, he was so proud of himself!  And it was freezing out this weekend, but I did it for the kids:)  So that was my weekend, I hope you all had a great time too, I have lots of fun things to do this week too so I'll catch you all up in a few days!