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Monday, February 11, 2013

Date Night and C25K Update!

My husband and I had a date this past Friday with some Chinese food and the movie Identity Theft.  I have worn a dress once in the past year for a wedding but that's it but I bought several new ones at the Gap clearance sale the day after Christmas.  So I thought maybe I'd wow my husband and throw one on for the night!  Even though I'm only down 8 lbs since New Year's Eve, I feel like I'm standing a bit taller and I have a little more confidence:)  And seriously, how do the other bloggers take such good self portraits?!  Excuse the bathroom backdrop and my dirty mirror, but you get the idea!  I know horizontal stripes are supposed to be the worst pattern for larger girls, but seriously, I'm not trying to fool someone into believing a size 2 is hiding under that dress!

I'm on week 5 of the couch to 5K program, it's killer!!!  I went from running 3 minutes at a time to running 5 minutes at a time for a total of 15 minutes and today I have to crank out 8 minutes of running, 5 minutes of walking, then 8 more minutes of running.  Two days later tha workout says "Run 2 Miles."  WHHHHAAATTT?  But I'm not ready!! That's what I keep telling myself followed by saying that I know I can do it.  It's a total mental game at this point.  Also, cheat meal has turned into cheat day which turned into cheat weekend.  I really have to get back on track because it's awful feeling like you've undone all your hardwork during the week with a sloppy weeekend. 

This weekend I took the boys ice fishing with my Dad.  We did this a lot as kids, but it was my sons first time!  We didn't catch anything the first day but my husband took AJ back yesterday and he finally caught one, he was so proud of himself!  And it was freezing out this weekend, but I did it for the kids:)  So that was my weekend, I hope you all had a great time too, I have lots of fun things to do this week too so I'll catch you all up in a few days!



  1. You look great! Love the dress :)

    Ice fishing...fun! My kiddos have never been any kind of fishing, period. Maybe this Spring we will change that!

  2. Love the dress! LOVE that you are doing C25K! It took me longer than 8 weeks, (pretty much because I made excuses) It took me 16, but the goal is to finish! If you dont feel comfortable with moving on to the next week, spend an extra week on week 4 or what ever week is giving you trouble! Also, on your off days, do the stationary bike or elipitical-- or if you want, add some hand weights to your off day workout and no cardio! This will help more than you know :) SO happy to see you and hubby working on your relationship!

  3. Jaime, I'm hoping this summer we can take them fishing in the river, I just get so nervous about them drowning:( Ice fishing relieved a lot of that stress.

    Annie, thank you! I did end up doing the Week 5, day 2 as written! Oh girl, I was sweating buckets, I'm not a cute sweater. I looked like a mess but I did it! Resting today and I'm going to see if I can pull off the 20 minutes of straight running tomorrow:) I agree though when it's just too tough to take an extra week:)

  4. I just commented on something you had written on 1/18. Hope you see it.