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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Biggest Loser 12, Week 1 review

So did you watch??!!!  Did you make yourself NOT eat dessert while you watched to avoid extreme guilt?!  That was my new rule about 3 years ago was not to eat ice cream while I watched the show since I used to do it on a regular basis.  One year I eve said I was going to work out while watching the show on my elliptical....that worked for 2 weeks.

First off, Bob, please cut your hair, that funky do you have going on is no bueno:(

Second, so glad that Debbie got voted off.  Why did she have to be such a negative Nancy the first week?  You know you shouldn't show your true colors the first week.

I want to set a goal for what I want to accomplish by the end of BL12 season.  It really doesn't make sense to take up 2 hours of my time each week watching the show and not be inspired enough to change my self.  I cry with the contestants when I hear their stories and always think to myself that I never want to let myself go like that.....but then I find myself watching previews for the upcoming season and I still haven't changed myself! 

I'm still not talking much about diet and weight loss here on this blog because I've kind of stalled out, I'm trying to find focus, I'm trying to figure out why I have never accomplished this goal, I'm trying to figure out what my life needs to look like in order to lose the weight for good, and I'm trying to figure out why I don't set an appointment with a trainer since I already prepaid the full year (because don't they tell you if you pay ahead then there is just NO way you wouldn't use it because you'd be wasting that money, well that just wasn't enough to motivate me). 

So I'm going to post my goal by the end of the week and I'll update on my progress towards that goal, if you have a goal or a challenge you're involved in currently, let me know!

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