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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Dirty 30

Yep.  I'm 30.  And yes I do feel older.  And where did people come up with the saying "The Dirty 30."  There was nothing dirty about it!

I headed to Seattle for the weekend with my mom and sister for a weekend of shopping!  Now, I could make this a pretty whiny post about how I'm completely uncomfortable in my skin and my belly still looks 6 months pregnant...........but I'm going to stop there and say we had a FABULOUS time!!  We shopped until I thought someone was going to have to push me around in wheelchair because my legs and feet hurt so bad.  I don't live in a city that relies on public transportation or walking very much, we drive everywhere, but I loved being able to walk to everything!

Where I live, we do not have a lot of clothing store choices so going to Seattle is such a treat!  I've learned over the years that if I don't 110% love the item I'm thinking of buying, don't buy it.  It will sit in the back of my closet forever until I pack it up for donation bin.  Here's my run down of the weekend highlights:

-I love Ann Taylor sweaters!  I have a large bust, stomach and hips but their sweaters in XL fit me perfectly!

-Have you all read http://girlwithcurves.tumblr.com/?  If you are a curvy girl, I can say that I'm 99% confident you are going to love her site!  My sister told me about it the first day of our trip and I'm so glad she did!  How beautiful and stylish is that girl?!

-One thing I learned on Girl With Curves is she buys a lot of tops at Forever 21.  Well I decided to check it out since they have a plus size section, knowing it's not high quality (which is my preference) but stylish and inexpensive and I scored a few tops for date nights and just weekends (since I usually just throw on a t-shirt and if my friends invite us out, I freak out because I have no "fun" clothes!).  Do you buy from Forever 21?

-My sister is obsessed with Nordstrom Rack.  To me, I don't love digging through multiple racks to find something I like, too many choices also overwhelm me.  I tried on 10 shirts, none of them fit.  This post-baby belly is killer and even discounted, the clothes still have to look good!  I did get 2 pairs of jeans that look so much better than my current jeans!  I could actually breathe in them:)  One was Kut from the Kloth and the other is Calvin Klein.  I also grabbed up 2 pairs of Franco Sarto boots that were great deals.

-All the women in Seattle wore tall boots with their skinny jeans or leggings tucked in.  I'm not a fashionista and where I live, people are definitely behind the times in the fashion department but I'm thinking I might try it out.  If you are a curvy girl, any suggestions on skinny pants to tuck into the boots?

-Scarves seem to also still be very popular so I jumped on that band wagon( I know, I'm a bit late to this trend) and my mom bought me a beautiful J. Crew scarf as my birthday present.  Okay, now how do I wear this thing??!

I came home to a spotless house and car courtesy of my husband!!  Isn't that the best gift ever?  I took the day off to be with my boys on my birthday and we baked a 3 layer cake that we decorated with sprinkles and M&M's (aka potty treats) and we went to the park and played and I took lots of pictures of them.  It was such a good day to reflect at my adult life.  I always said I'd be married and have 2 kids before I was 30 and make X number of dollars in income.   I accomplished all of that!  The journey to 30 has definitely had lots of bumps in the road but I'm here, I made it.  I hope my 30's is filled with health and happiness.  I never even set goals or wished for those two things in my 20's.  They are now the priority:)  I hear your 30's are "not so bad" but I hope that my 30's are fabulous and great and wonderful!! 

Now I need to go put the rest of that 3 layer cake in the trash and kick start my 30's with a bang!


  1. Happy 30th Birthday! Sounds like you had a fabulous day! They say 30's are the new 20's! I'm hoping that's the case for me too! :) Cheers! ~ Britt

  2. Brandi, One quick question, did your OB have you take Metformin during your entire pregnancy? I'm still currently taking mine after doing research and reading that it helps reduce miscarriages. I have not more refills, so I was wondering if I should request to continue to take it. Also won't this help lessen the probability of gestational diabetes? If you took the entire time you were pregnant did you quit after you delivered? Thanks! ~Britt

  3. Hey Britt! I did stop Met during the pregnancy but cannot think of what week. I think in the beginning that tiny fetus is so sensitive to every little hormone that is off but as they grow, it's not as critical. I personally don't think it'd help a lot with gestational diabetes but that's just a guess. I didn't watch my diet super carefully and ate a ton of ice cream and I didn't get it. And i haven't taken Met since I stopped it during my pregnancy. How are you feeling?!

  4. Thanks! I'm continuing to take my Met, my dr's appmt is 10/20 so we'll see what he says. I have been feeling okay, I'm definitely not one of those who feel perfect (my sis-n-law was one of those) anyway, I feel like I am seasick from 12:00-4:00 nearly everyday. Hoping this icky feeling goes away soon! I'm trying to eat healthy, but it's hard! All the real healthy foods, I have aversions too right now. Example, Spinach salad or taco bell, yep, I can eat the taco but cringe at the thought of a salad. :) ~Britt