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Friday, October 7, 2011

Minimize the Post Baby Belly!

On my recent shopping trips I bought a few shirts and sweaters that work best with a cami or tank underneath but since I'm pretty tapped out on my shopping budget, I stopped by Target just to see what they carry.  In the past I've worn Spandex tank and that thing was a bugger.  It rolled right up, didn't control my body parts in the areas in needed so it went in the donation bin in a few months ago.

Our Target didn't have a wide selection and sizes were pretty limited.  But I grabbed this grey tank (I wanted black, they didn't have it in my size and since it's not going to show I thought it would work) for $21.99 but online it's a few dollars cheaper.
I wore it today and I LOVE IT!!  I actually have a waisteline!  You know how it looks all loosey goosey on the model above, well it's not loose oon me, it nicely sucks everything in and it's long enough that it doesn't ride up so quickly.  Also, you can adjust the straps and I have mine so that my scoop neck shirt doesn't reveal the tank.  This tank is called Suddenly Skinny with self expression (a division of Maidenform).  I'm going to keep my eye out for when the nude color comes in my size but just thought I'd share!  Especially for us PCOSers, we tend to carry the weight in our bellies, boo!


  1. Thanks for the tip!!! Was it really hard to get on? I have one by Bali (I think, it may be Jockey) and it's so hard to get on I feel like I'm gonna pull a muscle!

  2. Samantha, good question...I put it on and had it kind of rolled up at the top of my chest and thought how the heck is this thing going to fit??? So yes, it's a bit like putting panty hose on but once I got it over my boobs I was good to go!

    Question for you though.....I heard on TV that pregnant women shouldn't wear underwires the last few months of pregnancy and all I wear is underwires because I have a large chest. My milk production was never great. Did you wear underwires right before and/or after T was born?

  3. I did wear an underwire while at work for my F's(!) (so 40ish hours a week) but it came off as soon as I was home so I'm not sure. I have heard that too (and that it can cause mastitis) and I have definitely heard a LOT of studies showing PCOS linked to low supply.

  4. Good to know, same thing, as soon as I'm home for the evening it comes off!