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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I've Learned Losing 10 pounds in 2 Months

One of the hardest parts about following Weight Watchers is that it's not meant to help people lose more than 1-2 lbs per week and so sometimes taking a month to lose 3-6 pounds seems unimpressive especially when you hear others doing diets where they are losing 6-7 pounds in the first week.  But I've learned to pay attention and take note of those who have lost weight and kept it off for a couple years at least.  In January I almost took down my fitness pal weight tracker at the top of my blog because it was a lie.  I'd lost 13 pounds but gained it all back.  But now, now I'm within 1 pound of that 13 pound marker so I'm going to just keep it up there and hopefully next week I'll even have to change the number to 14 lbs lost!  Here are a few things I've realized over the last couple months:

1) I used to cheat all through the weekend using all my weekly allowance points plus some.  That doesn't work for me because it usually takes 3-4 days of healthy eating just to lose the extra weight I gained over the weekend which was seriously slowing down my weight loss.  I also told my husband that I felt obligated to eat bad over the weekend as to  not upset him by saying we were going to have grilled chicken and salad for say a dinner on Saturday night because I know he loves to eat out and so i always just assumed that's what we would do.  Because his mood when we order in or go out to eat is significantly nicer/better than when I make a healthy balanced meal and for lack of better words, it's just not fair for him to base his mood on what we eat.  My cheat this weekend on Saturday was a steak and cheese sub at Subway (I'd usually opt for turkey breast and no cheese) and fat free frozen yogurt from Menchie's with a tablespoon of crushed oreos on top.  That's a far cry from say a burger and fries at Red Robin with a couple strawberry lemonades.  So I'm learning not to just indulge all weekend long!

2) Weigh and measure everything!!  I even weigh my grated cheese, I measure out my light sour cream, everything!!  I bought a digital scale and I weigh it and calculate points before I eat it!  That's why I also really love fresh produce that is zero points because then I don't have to weigh it or calculate points:)  It's tedious honestly to weigh and measure, but it's been really eye opening to see just how far off I used to be by eye balling servings.

3) Eating a salad for lunch has been a great way to get my veggie servings in and to reduce the amount of carbs I'm eating.  I read lots of blogs and one thing I noticed is a lot of the girls always were eating a big salad every single day.  It was just part of their routine so I've been making it part of my routine also.

4) It's been weeks since I went out to eat and ordered something over 11 points.  I wrote before how it was always just a given that it would be a cheat meal if I was eating out and I rarely even tried to choose something healthy.  Now, I look up the menu online before I head out and I calculate the points if it's just a local restaurant and I don't feel awkward when I order something healthy even if everyone else is ordering high calorie foods and it's been extremely helpful in reducing my overall anxiety while eating out.

5) Just take it one day at a time.  If I can say no to the Starbucks Mocha today and drink iced tea, that's a small victory.  If I choose to eat a big salad for dinner while my family is eating pizza, that's a small victory.  If I really wanted a bowl of ice cream before bed and I eat a grapefruit instead, that's a small victory.  But it doesn't mean I'm never going to have a mocha, pizza, or ice cream but the more times I can say no because there will always be an opportunity later to have those things, the better off I will be.  I've stopped thinking of it as can I give up this food for the rest of my life, I just think of it as can I give it up just for today.

6) I do not have the willpower yet to bake a whole cake or batch of cookies and only eat 1 serving.  I end up picking at it for an entire week and I don't lose weight.  If I bake cookies, I take 3 and freeze the rest.  If I make a cake or something that doesn't freeze well, I dump the rest in the trash after we've all had a serving.  If it's there, I'm going to eat it.

Those are the top 6 things I've learned so far and I'm so happy to finally see the scale moving down and being under my pre-pregnancy weight!  12 down, 60 more to go!


  1. Great pointers! My first 3months I lost 21 lbs, then gained about 10 back... I need to get back on track but I keep doing it half way which isn't working well. I am a BIG cheater on the weekend and I need to stop that!

    Keep it up!!!

  2. Samantha, I did it half way too for about 8 months and it's nuts how quickly I gained back the 13 pounds! There is just something about weekends that my routine and focus are really challenging. And man, I love baked goods and ice cream:)

  3. Just made it back onto Blogger, so glad to see you're still here and continuing your journey. I'm about to start trying to lose weight and being more healthy and reading your blog makes me feel like I'm not doing it alone!

    Thank you!