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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm alive and okay! Missed you all!

I will do a longer post later, but just wanted to say I'm here, I'm doing well and just A LOT going on!  Just a few quick highlights and then my next post I'm going to do a photo dump for you all because sometimes that's easier than long posts:)
-In May I got offered to move to a company and decrease my expenses by $20,000 a year, I was torn and new I just had to do it....until the head of my current company made me realize what we all know, nothing is free.  There would be a cost even if I couldn't see it right now for switching.  So I stayed.
- I had my best summer ever in my career which means working a ton, missing a few family dinners and a few nights of tucking in kids.
-We decided to short sale our house, bank approved us, I had 20 showings and 5 offers in 24 hours.  Talk about overwhelming to get your house show ready in 48 hours, then have people parade through your house non-stop all the while your neighbors are wondering what the heck is going on (because we didn't post a for sale sign).  Lots of tears over this process but it truly is the right thing to do (Not to get too personal but we owed $495,000 and have never taken money out of the house or done a HELOC, bank approved to let us sell at $375,000 which sucks because we can afford the house at that price, but that's not how that stuff works).
-Then it was, where are we going to live??  And then it all came together, my friends house was coming up for rent because she's buying a new one and I LOVE her house, it's half the size of mine but I've wanted to down size for the last 5 years and now my kids will have a fenced back yard which playing outside is there favorite thing!  We move in a month.  Bittersweet.
-My weight loss is going no where, hello stress!  I've only managed to keep 10 pounds out of the 15 off....but in a year, that's sort of pathetic.  I need to get serious...but before I do I'm going to show you all the amazing cakes I've made in the past 5 months.  Sort of PCOSer's nightmare, but every bite was worth it:)
-My hubby is back to school, 3 nights a week so it's me and the boys and they are so much easier this year, last year, I wanted to pull my hair out every night!
-AJ started preschool 2 half days a week and loves it!  It's a parent co-op meaning one parent helps each day so we volunteer about 5-6 times a year but it's great and I'm on the board for the preschool.
-My In-laws are coming for Thanksgiving...for 3 days.  You all remember the epic fail their stay was 3 years ago when Dylan was born....let this time be different since I really haven't spoke to my MIL since then.
-So excited for the holidays, lots of crafting we'll be happening that I can't wait to share!
-We are doing Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and by April we should be debt free!  Any of you follow him?

So thank you all for checking in on me, promise to come back with  more posts and pictures to fill in the blanks:)


  1. Glad everything is okay with you!! Lot's going on!! That worked out great that you can rent your friend'd home! You sound great!

  2. yay for being alive!!! :) so glad to see you post. i hope it's one of many to come! good luck with the move, it will all be okay!

  3. Im glad you are back! We are starting to think about short selling our house also. I have been doing the David Ramsey Total Money Make over and will be free from debt in april or may, its so exciting! At this point I dont even care about living in an apartement. Our house is 40 grand under water! So not worth it!

  4. So glad to see you back! I hope you've read my blog and noticed we also got rid of our home! We did a deed in lieu and we are living in a great apartment! Cant wait to hear all about the last few months in detail :)

  5. Brandi

    I am so glad to see a blog! You boys are getting so big. Hope the holidays go well this time. I am excited this year as well for the holidays. It's in the air!


  6. Brandi!

    I am so happy to hear from you. I have been meaning to update my own blog as it has been so long I never know where to begin. It sounds like lots of life changes have been coming your away and I cant believe how quickly your house sale has been going through. UI bet you feel like your feet have yet to touch the ground! I do hope things go well with you MIL and that your boys are happy and healthy. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

    Take care,
    Shel xx