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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Favorite Things for August

Here are some of my new favorites, enjoy!

Favorite New Blog: Styleberryblog.com
Shawna is a super mom that is a photographer, home stager, super organized, party planner, cloth diapering, baby food making lady and she just is now pregnant with baby #2 after some infertility struggles.  Check her out!

Favorite New Cupcake: Annie's Eats Red Velvet Cupcakes
OMG, so divine I even ate 2 on Monday:(  And then I decided for kicks to throw the recipe into Weight Watchers recipe and it spit out a big 12 points a piece (my batch made 18 cupcakes)!  But worth it, I need to go trash the last 10 I have because they are not diet worthy:)

Favorite New Office Accessory: Rag Bone Bindery According Photo Book
I saw this in the Oprah magazine and I love it!  It now sits on my desk and motivates me to work hard to give my kids financial stability:)

Favorite New Drink: The Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee
To die for!  So cheap to make!  A few of my friends said the recipe looks too complicated, huh?  You dump ground coffee into a container with cold water, let it soak for 8 hours, strain through to a pitcher.  Seriously, it takes less time than a trip through the Starbucks drive through and now I save $4.65 each time!

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