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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trying to go Vegetarian a Few Days a Week!

At WW this past weekend, our leader talked at length about trying to go vegetarian for at least ONE day a week.  Surprisingly, when she asked how many of us have never went vegetarian for an entire day only about 3 of us raised our hands.  Maybe the people not raising their hands were just as shocked at the few of us that hadn't tried it!  Our leader also said that WW healthy guidelines only suggest 2 servings of protein a day.  Funny because I've thought I was supposed to have one at EVERY meal and most of the time with a snack too. Yikes! 

Well, I'm a meat cutters daughter.  My dad has been a butcher since I was born and is well known where I live for being a butcher.  I grew up eating steak and prime rib on a regular basis.  In 5th grade, we ate out 5-6 dinners a week and what did I order?  A t-bone steak, baked potato with ranch dressing on it, dinner salad with ranch and croutons and cheese, and texas toast.  WTH?  Yeah, I gained over 30 pounds in less than 9 months.  And obviously I'm still bitter that my parents even LET me do that (and this was the year that after school snacks were peanut buster parfaits from DQ or McDonald's french fries or a crisp meat burrito from Taco Time).  That was a bad, bad year.  And I promise I will never allow my kids to eat that way EVER.  Anyways, sidetracked, but that was definitely what spiraled into 20 years of bad eating habits and obesity.

Every week when I plan our dinners, I grab my meat recipes I want to use that week and then decide on side dishes.  But it always starts with the meat selection, always.  One thing I know about vegetarian meals is they can be equally unhealthy if you are eating a ton of white carbs and cheese and fats so I didn't want to be tempted to do that and I just am not a fan of ground meats or substitutes like morningstar crumbles, I'd rather just leave the meat out all together.

So today I will be making my favorite pasta dish without the turkey sausage and substituting whole wheat pasta.  Tomorrow we will have Boca Burgers for dinner with sweet potato fries. I actually really like the Boca burgers but I've only prepared them for a quick lunch, so fingers crossed my kids enjoy them too as a dinner. 

At lunch today instead of having a turkey sandwich I had just a veggie sandwich and a bowl of my homemade tomato basil soup and it was really good but I had no protein at lunch.

I haven't been blogging much this past month and part of it is I've done some really dumb things as far as my weight loss (eating two cupcakes a day, defrosted my last box of Samoa cookies and ate 5 yesterday, defrosted my leftover raspberry cheesecakes and ate several) and I haven't seen the gym in weeks either.  I've been losing and gaining the same couple pounds for nearly 3 months so I decided to look for inspiration on the internet, someone that was inspiring and I found two great blogs, priorfatgirl.com and dashingdish.com!   Check them out if you aren't already familiar with them and as soon as my weight loss starts moving in the right direction again, I'll be back!

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