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Monday, February 27, 2012

Eating Out Healthy: Boston's Pizza and Subway

Well, I made it!  Eating out twice in one weekend was successful!  I told my husband my plan to eat out twice this weekend and then five times during the week for lunch and the first comment he made was, "You can't eat out healthy."  He didn't mean that I couldn't but that everyone couldn't and that you go out to eat and you pretty much have to eat bad because of what's on the menu.  It kind of irked me especially coming from someone that eats large sized value meal every single day and sometimes twice a day and makes  no attempt at eating healthy.  It wasn't exactly the support I was looking for but oh well!

I told my husband he could choose where we went to lunch on Saturday as long as he told me the night before and they had to have an online menu with nutritional info.  He picked Boston's pizza.  Last time I went there I ordered the chicken pesto flatbread pizza (907 calories, 44 g. fat, 88 g. carbs, 26 WWPP) but this time I looked for a healthy option and it was very limited but I settled on 1/2 of Margherita Flatbread pizza (8 Points), dinner salad minus croutons with reduced calorie Italian dressing on the side (0 Points), and iced tea (0 Points).  For 8 points plus I had a filling meal.  I'll say the pizza wasn't the greatest because it had way too much basil on top which got super crispy when cooked which gives it an odd taste.  Next time, I think I'd choose the Pesto pizza and eat 1/3 of it because the flavor is so much better.

On Sunday we meant to go to IHOP but we had a slow start to the morning and I couldn't have the kids wait any more for breakfast so we decided we'd eat out for lunch.  I asked to go to Subway because we had vollyeball in just a few hours after that and I wanted to make sure I had a healthy filling lunch.  I chose the 6"club on 9 grain wheat, no cheese, lots of veggies and light mayo and mustard (8 Points).  We had cheddar potato Pop Chips (3 Points) at home along with water to round out the meal!  I admittedly do love the steak and cheese at Subway and would normally order that along with a bag of cheddar Sun Chips.  Here's my 11 point lunch!

 I'm going to put this out there because my husband doesn't read this blog and either do our family and friends because I don't tell them about it...........but sometimes I want to just shake him and tell him that he is killing himself by eating fast food every single day and that yes, he has gained significant weight in the last 4 years, post-military career,  even though he says he's the same weight and that it scares me to death his family members are extremely large.  His brother weighed over 450lbs a year ago and has managed to get under 400lbs now and both his parents are diabetic and still eat like crap and he is the father of my children and I'd love to see that he makes being healthy a top priority so that he can be around for a really long time for them and for me.  And that losing a days worth or work and pay because his back is messed up could be related to carrying quite a bit of belly weight and not being in great health.  But since I'm overweight and most of my family is, we don't express concerns to each other about our weight and health.  I know they say to just take care of yourself and worry about yourself but I wish I could take care of myself AND have him on board to take better care of himself!  Sometimes my concerns for his healthy come out like bashing when we finally try to discuss it and then I feel bad and he feels bad and within 2 days it's back to old habits.  All I can do is keep moving forward with my journey and hope that some of my good habits rub off on him and the kids.


  1. I remember you bringing up this concern about your husband before. About his health and weight. Does your husband ever eat healthy? When? What is it about those times that he can manage to eat healthy? Maybe there is something about those times that you can help make happen more? Maybe not... I am just thinking... If he never eats healthy at all, then maybe he is just not ready to think about the serious consequences of unhealthy eating. It's not possible to force someone to do something they are not willing to do. I think it sounds like you are trying to work on your own health and maybe he sees that. Maybe that will plabnt a seed in his mind. Wishing you the best.

  2. He usually manages to eat healthy when I make it and when he eats at home. The moment he leaves for work it's kind of up to him and so far it hasn't worked out well. I did do something to help him out this week and I'll write a post about that in a couple days:) It definitely is an on going argument in our house and never was before we had kids but I do expect him to be a good example when it comes to eating.