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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Didn't Want to be That Mom, So I Wore a Bathing Suit

Last weekend we took the kids to one of our local high school pools that has open swim on Saturday.  It never even crossed my mind that I'd be in the water but that it was my husbands responsibility to do that because I wouldn't be caught dead in a bathing suit right now.  My kids loved the open swim and I'm totally impressed my husband managed to wrangle two toddlers for 40 minutes in the water!  But as I was sitting in the bleachers, I was thinking about Roni over at Roni's Weigh posts about getting over your fear of wearing a bathing suit in order to go have fun with your kids, and over those 40 or so minutes I seriously regretted not being in there with them.  Living in Alaska, we honestly do not have a lot of reasons to be in a bathing suit.  It's rarely warm enough to lay out in the sun in just a bathing suit and really the only pools are at the high schools so it's easy to avoid squeezing into bathing suit.  I haven't worn a bathing suit in Alaska since 1998!

So yesterday my husband reminded me that he had promised the kids he'd take them to the pool again.  At $5 an adult and $1 per kid, it is some serious cheap fun that involves physical activity which is great!  I said I'd get my bathing suit and towel and we could go.  My husband was actually shocked and said I didn't have to if I didn't want to and I just told him I could care less how I looked in the bathing suit, I wanted to swim with my kids.  Because quite honestly, I don't want to be that mom, you know that one that sits on the sidelines and cheers on their kids but doesn't actually participate because they are out of shape or uncomfortable in front of others. 

When I went to find my swimsuit, I was shocked to find I own five!  You know why, because everytime I went on vacation I would buy a new one thinking it would make me look slimmer than the last one... it never did though.  I own a Miracle Suit that is anything besides a miracle but I did find my Land's End tankini with ruching in the front you know to disguise my tummy fat and it's black because black is slimming.  Well I took a picture before we left for the pool.  I am posting this picture to provide you with proof that black is neither slimming and the ruching does not disguise a darn thing!

I'd say the swimsuit fit as well as it could and stayed in place and I was pretty comfortable in it.  And swimming with my kids.......well it was a blast and probably one of the most fun activities we've done together and I really can't wait to go again!!  My friend's son is even having his birthday at a swimming pool next month and I'm totally okay with going and participating.  I refuse to sit on the sidelines until I lose 60 pounds.  Plus, I really could use the extra exercise:)

Do you fear wearing a bathing suit in public?  Do you have a favorite swimsuit brand/design I might like?

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  1. This makes me laugh Brandi.. not at you but because I like your attitude! And good for you posting that picture. I prefer tankinis to swimsuits myself because I find them (slightly) more flattering. I haven't been in the pool with Eden since she was a baby due to swimsuit fear. I think I need to use you as my inspiration! Xx