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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just Keep Swimming! Diet Bet Challenge Results

As silly as it may seem, this little Finding Nemo quote is what I've been repeating in my head several time a day since January 1st.  Even when I eat exactly my weight watchers points and put 6 hours in the gym a week, sometimes a very small loss shows up on the scale instead of the 2 pounds I was hoping before.  At times in the past I just threw my arms up in the air, had a pity party and went back to my unhealthy lifestyle.  But I have to keep focused and know that it will pay off, the weight will come off and so much is out of my control while so much is in my control.

I weighed in for Roni's New Year Diet Bet yesterday and I made it by .1 lbs!!  I lost 8.2 lbs in the 4 weeks of the challenge.  Haven't heard of Diet Bet, go check it out at www.DietBet.com.  Roni is starting a February challenge with a $20 buy in starting tomorrow, I'm definitely in!  I did celebrate a little with a serving of baked ravioli that I didn't eat with my family the night before because a bowl of pasta prior to weight in usually spells disaster for me and for dessert I had a small piece of chocolate cake I had in the freezer and I scoop of light ice cream.  I went over 12 points for my daily points.  I woke up this morning and I lost 1.6 lbs, now tell me how that makes any darn sense at all?! Last week I only loss .4lbs for the week.  It didn't add up.  But have you ever watched the Biggest Loser when a contestant comes up on the scale and a gain or zero comes up on the scale?  You know that they put it in the work so they just keep pushing, they just kept swimming. So that's what I'm going to keep doing.

I was talking to my sister about my small loss earlier this week and she (who had gestational diabetes and had to pay attention to the glycemic index this past summer) asked if I was drinking milk.  It threw me for a second and then she said that it was higher on the glycemic index than most people would think.  What about bread, even whole grain, did I eat bread a lot?  Because that can really get you but you know you can have pizza.  Wait! Wait! Wait!  WHAT?  I do understand the science behind what she's saying, but even when I asked if she meant just like thin crust veggie pizza, she didn't mean that at all.  And I didn't eat hardly any bread BTW.  But still, I don't think I'm overweight because I drank too much skim milk or ate a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with mustard, tomatoes and spinach leaves and instead I should have just been eating pizza?  I'm not looking for a quick fix.  One thing I know is losing weight just to turn around and gain it all back plus some is an awful feeling.  Tell me skim milk and bread is off limits, guess what I'll want to eat all day every day?  Bread and milk.

Last week I did buy a new pair of shoes that I was fitted for at our small local running store and also a new sports bra so I could stop wearing two bras to hold everything in and up!  Finally, most of my calf pain is gone and I don't have to stop my Couch to 5 K 12 minutes in!  I have had to step up my water intake to help also.  I'm starting week 4 of the couch to 5K tomorrow, it's crazy how quickly you get better on that program.  Anyone else dreaded the timed mile in school PE classes?  I was always dead last, now I'm going to rock 3.1 miles come this spring!

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