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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cleaning out the cupboards, a trip back in time

Do you hoard beauty products like I do?  Like the cupboard full of body washes, lotions, hair products and make up that you used once or twice or used a lot but then found some newer, better product but didn't want to toss the old stuff?  Over 4 years, I've collected a double sink cupboard full of crap and on Sunday I said, "Enough!" and grabbed a big trash bag and purged the old stuff!

I found tons of pregnancy tests that expired in November, I'm guessing 2 years from the date I ordered them.  I threw out my digital Ovulation thing because I don't think having it sit in a cupboard for that long is very good and I also threw out the sticks that went with it.  I tossed out cheapie OPK's, a HUGE bottle of Metformin (wow, those pills really are HUGE, it wasn't just my imagination), an old bottle of spironolactone and dexamethosone,preggy drops (supposed to help with nausea, did not work at all for me) and cocoa butter (I don't like smelling like cocoa butter when I go to work and let's face it, I rarely used it during pregnancy and I've had stretch marks since I was twelve so I don't care to have it around.  I'm hoping for  tummy tuck after the next baby and it should take care of some of that mess!).

It felt good to get rid of it because everyday I'd get something out of the cupboard and it was a constant reminder of just how hard I had to try to get pregnant and I deserve a break from it all!  And we all know when I try to get pregnant in a year, I'll probably buy it all over again huh?  But until then, the trash man can throw it in the back of his truck and drive off into the sunset!

It's amazing how many products I bough to get pregnant and stay pregnant


  1. I have followed you on You Tube for a very long time. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing and for being an inspiration to me to keep on going with PCOS. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Thanks Monique! You all have helped me get through the feeling of being alone and finding answers to PCOS problems. Happy New Year!