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Monday, December 20, 2010

Metformin? Help!

I'm hoping all of you can add your advice and what your doctor has told you on here so we can all collectively figure out the Metformin madness!

Are you currently taking it and at what dose?
Did you take it prior to getting pregnant, during, and/or after?
Has it helped you lose weight?
Why did your doctor say you should or should not take it if you are not pregnant?
If you were on Metformin and trying to get pregnant, do you think it helped or were you only prescribed it after you found out you were pregnant?

I am not on Metformin currently, I was however on 2000mg (is that the right measurement, mg?) sporadically while I got pregnant because I was just so sick of taking it that I only took it here and there but I was immediately on it, full dose when I found out I was pregnant. My doctor said the miscarriage right is very high if Metformin is stopped during early pregnancy. She also said that anything less than 1500 was a waste of time and I add this only because I've heard several people taking 500 or 1000, maybe something to research and see if low doses are still helpful? My doctor doesn't think Metformin is necessary now and honestly, if I can lose weight on my own at a pound a week, for me, that might be true but do you think there are other things it could do for me and therefore I should be back on it?

I admit, I hate taking pills or the thought of being on pills the rest of my life, so if I can skip them, I'm all for it. But I do wonder, if I want to try to get pregnant in a year, would it be good to have my body on Metformin now or just wait again?

So confusing! Fill me in, what have your doctors told you or have you read about Metformin!!


  1. Brandi,

    I was on 1500 mg of metformin & clomid while TTC and I had the option to continue it with out the clomid while we were taking a break. However, I chose not to due to the side effects I had while taking it. I do know that you are not supposed to take it while pregnant, and if you concieve during a cycle that you were taking metfromin, they slowly wean you off of it. From what my Dr says, 1500 mg is the standard dosage, but I know every physician's opinion is different. Except for the side effects, I really did feel like metfromin helped my hormones level out. In my experiene with PCOS, I just dont feel normal. I dont have a lot of energy and I just feel blah! Im not sure how you feel about herbals, but I have done a few cycles of Fertilaid for women (or you can buy Vitex from GNC.. same thing) and for me it regulates my cycles without side effects. Just a thought :)
    Hope you and your boys are doing well, have a Merry Christmas!


  2. i hate metformin and it's time release counter part..both make me extremely sick.. i've taken it religiously.. i've taken it here and there because of the side effects.. it did nothing for me.. i didnt feel normal as i was doubled over in pain (like someone was stabbing me from the inside constantly for hours on end)... not to mention the other horrible side effects.. i didnt feel like it normalized any levels.. i didn't get pregnant.. hm.. lets see.. also our insurance doesnt cover it.. and it's kind of a hefty priced medicine

    on a side note... what did the doctor say about your thyroid?

  3. Teresa, I totally agree Metformin did something to level out my hormones enough to get pregnant. I'll read up on Fertilaid because it sounds like a really good option!

    JDK, that is awful it was so painful for you! I had to gag down the pills because they were huge but I didn't get too many side effects. Insurance covered my prescription for metformin at 90%. I do think i'll probably try it again when I TTC in a year if I need it.

    Doctor said we have to biopsy my nodule and I'm waiting to hear back about my blood test that screens for certain type of thyroid cancer:(