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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thyroid Ultrasound

It wasn't until I listened to my voicemails last night that I was reminded I had an appointment with the endocrinologist on Wednesday.  She books 10 months out, you think she's a pretty popular doctor that a lot of people want to get in to see??  Me too!  She's smart as a whip and is so different than the a$$hole I had to see with my first OB/Gyn.  Since I was pregnant, I had developed a hypothyroid and I took Synthroid my entire pregnancy.

After Dylan was born I developed "Postpartum Thyroiditis" meaning my thyroid fluctuates between a hypo and hyperthyroid but mostly a hypothyroid.  The problem with synthroid is this, you are not supposed to take it within 2 hours of eating and 4 hours of eating dairy.  I seem to consume dairy a lot since I got pregnant and that 4 hour stretch before I can take a pill is killer.  It basically means I can't have dairy with dinner and that just doesn't work for me!  So I've developed this really awful habit of skipping my synthroid pill.  It's silly because I finally found a doctor that can help me and I'm not even taking her advice!

During the last trimester I had a thryoid biopsy and it didn't come back as cancer but they are watching the growth of 2 of my nodules.  Lately my neck has felt very lumpy so I was actually really glad to be have this appointment coming up soon however I think I'm going to get a well deserved lecture on taking my synthroid...every...single...day:(

Do you take synthoid or if you are pregnant or just had a baby, do you have thyroid issues?  Here is a link to Hypothyroidism:)

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