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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What happens when you don't eat any vegetables or fruit?!

I've been eating so well for the past 5 weeks but yesterday I was so off my diet because of
1) I had to fast for my blood test for my thyroid issues that when I was done getting blood drawn, it was 10:30am and Starbucks was 1 block away, enough said.
2) My husband called at lunch time and asked if I wanted to just meet him for lunch real quick since he knew I packed my lunch but he was right down the street so I went thinking I'd just order an iced tea, then go back and eat my sack lunch.
3) I did not plan our dinners for the whole week so I improvised with 2 cranky kids and a starving husband and we ate breakfast for dinner which we NEVER do, maybe like twice in 7 years:(

So here's how my food journal looks like from yesterday:
Breakfast (I usually eat at 6:30am, didn't eat until 10:30)
Grande Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks, no whip cream
Starbucks reduced fat Turkey bacon breakfast sandwhich

Carl's Jr. kids cheeseburger meal with an iced tea.

2 homemade chocolate chip buttermilk waffles with butter and syrup
2 pieces of bacon
Scrambled eggs with cheese
1 can of Sanpellegrino Limonata

After dinner
I huge ass gingerbread cookie

Really Brandi??? Really! Look at that, not a single vegetable or fruit but tons of carbs and fat. I actually did have protein at each meal but when it's covered in fat and cooked with grease, I don't think it counts. This is so the old me it's sickening!! By 7pm, I wanted to fall asleep because I was so tired and had no energy and I ate double my weight watchers points. And you know how easy it is to just KEEP EATING Like that!! And in a week I could gain back everything I lost in 5 weeks which is currently 6.2 pounds.

It's important that women with PCOS eat low sugar diets and I've been so good about it. And the truth is, besides the chocolate chip waffles which were to die for, the rest was so not worth the extra fat and calories. I'm totally disappointed in myself!!

If you all haven't visited Marth McKittrick's website, I want you to at http://www.martha-nutritionist.com/pcos.html . She understands PCOS and wrote 2 chapters in my favorite book on PCOS! You can even hire her to customize a meal plan for you. She wrote an article about nutrition and PCOS here http://www.obgyn.net/pcos/pcos.asp?page=/pcos/articles/pcos_and_diet_mckittrick .

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  1. it's ok to have a bad day! dont get down on yourself.. tomorrow is a new day!