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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here we go again:( 2nd thryoid biopsy scheduled.

On Tuesday I had a thyroid ultrasound which revealed one of my nodules has grown out of the 2 they are watching.  The other smaller nodule was biopsied last summer and revealed it was not cancerous.  The other one they thought was fine but now that it's growing they will biopsy it to make sure.  I'm also getting a blood test tomorrow that tests for a certain thyroid cancer. Yay me!  Getting a biopsy hurts!!!  Last time I started to sweat and almost blacked out but that's mostly because I couldn't lay on my back when I was pregnant without passing out so this time it should be better.  The worst part for me was the numbing medicine they stab into my neck with a needle!  Fingers crossed everything turns out okay and I'm sure it's going to be fine.


  1. *hugs* going your way

    people don't get it if they haven't been through it.. ah, it's your thyroid.. so what.. it's not really a big thing.. but it IS!

    i'm horrible at taking my meds as well.. hopefully it only grew for not faithfully taking your meds.. fingers crossed all is still benign

  2. best of luck to you Brandi - what a terrible thing to go through :(

    (littleshel from youtube)xx