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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Soothing Toy for a Colicky Baby!! And "normal" babies:)

I'm so in love with this giraffe from Cloud B !!!

My mom gave Dylan this giraffe (and also the Sheep Cloud B sells but this one is my favorite!) and I could not believe how Dylan calmed right down with it. It also was great for when he was sleeping because I could turn the volume all the way up and he was less likely to wake up when a door opened slightly or I opened a dresser drawer. Yes, he was a light sleeper and when your baby has colic and finally goes to sleep, you will do just about anything to make sure you are not the one that causes him to wake up before he's ready!!  And now that Dylan is one, he still goes to bed with it and he now knows how to push the buttons so sometimes it gets turned to the more fun sounds and he sits in his crib and babbles at it.

Also, it's awesome to hook (with a velcro strip that's attached) to a car seat or stroller to keep your baby entertained while you are out and about!

When I received mine, they were really hard to find in our area except at a couple expensive boutiques but now I've seen them in Toys R Us ($24.99), Barnes and Nobles.........but my favorite place to get them is Amazon.com (here is the link to the travel Cloud B Giraffe)!!  They run about $15 and since I give them as baby shower gifts ALL THE TIME, I usually buy at least 2 or 3 at a time so I can get the free shipping.