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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I hate when someone calls a person FAT!!

Little rant.....but I cringe when I hear people call someone fat or put on facebook something about a fat lady.  Like on FB when someone posted about being "disgusted by the fat lady buying 26 candy bars" or the "fat lady in the electric grocery cart hogging up the grocery aisle so I couldn't push my cart down the aisle."  I don't call people fat and I would NEVER have the balls to write it on a facebook post.  And I don't believe in either of these circumstances it made a difference if they were fat or skinny and who are you to judge!!  And who's never just turned their grocery cart around and went the long way to the next aisle rather than badger someone about not being able to get down the aisle.

My friend's husband Adam once, out of the blue, asked, "I wonder where kids learn the term fat?"  Is it because they overhear their parents call people fat, is it said in a cartoon, a book?  It's one of the most disgusting words I believe that comes out of peoples mouth.  I even hesitate to use the words "heavier set."  Our adoption attorney was trying to figure out what attorney for the state was representing our case because I just blanked on her name and I could barely utter the words heavier set when I described her but our attorney even replied back, "Attorney A is also tall but slim, Attorney B is tall but not as slim, I guess you could say heavier set but she's been working very hard on losing weight."  And I was so pleased with that because our attorney is very trim but even hesitated to use the word heavier set and immediately followed it up by what I think is a positive comment. 

I won't let my kids use the word fat to talk about people, they are too young to say it but I really hope to instill some sort of understanding in them that people of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, that you never call anyone fat or ugly.   I was teased as a kid and anytime I see an overweight kid or teen I immediately think back to how I was teased and I wonder if they are going through the same torment as I did and it makes me so sad. I'm sure easier said than done to be the parent of the kids that don't use the word fat but the obvious first step is to not use the word myself. 

Does the word fat make you cringe also?


  1. It's a mean word. It is a very hurtful word. I could not imagine seeing that as a post on facebook. Maybe need to turn off their feeds.
    But , I always believe people who talk like that are miserable and just trying to make themselves feel or sound better.

  2. I know Susie, I'd love to turn a lot of people's feeds off, some I do. I am with you 100% in believing that they are trying to make themselves feel better. I'm not very confrontational but I'd love to tell people I'm appalled by their statements, just don't have the guts to do it!

  3. I hate the word too, although I don't hesitate to use it on myself sometimes. :(
    I hate when people on FB have snapped pics of people and displayed them only to be mean. I have taken people off my friend list for that.
    I won't Levi to use the term either when his old enough.
    Thanks for the post and I made my blog public again...

  4. Kim, i'm guilty too of saying I'm fat to myself:( I would love to take people off my FB and sometimes feel guilty for associating with people that post this stuff but my business depends on connections with people and I never comment or agree with them on their FB posts but I don't voice my disapproval and if I had a normal 8-5 job that didn't depend on if people liked me I'd say something. That's terrible to try to justify it:(

  5. Fat and hate is a word I don't want my child (and later Children) to use those words. I'm not a size 8 and even as a child I wore larger clothes than most girls my age. I wasn't made fun of for that but rather my hair because it was curly.

    I see thin people all the time using those scooters when they don't need them they use them to goof off when there are people who need them and their either running low on batteries or there aren't any to use because there are people in the store using them who don't have a need for them.

    I've also defriended people who say mean things about people. My husband and I teach in a youth group and we don't let our kids say mean things about people. The first time they say something we take them aside and explain to them why what they said was wrong and ask them not to say things like that again.

  6. I love the Shaytards on YT but I hate how he calls himself fat all the time. And sontard has called himself fat which is just... sad!! Through the shaytards I subbed Kassem G. He is really rude and not that funny. On his FB page he wrote a post about hating fat people! Yea he was unsubbed and unliked very quickly!