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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In: I gained, dang it!

Hummmm, well this week just stunk.  I gained .4 lbs.  I didn't journal, I ate very little produce, I consumed a 1/2 box of Rosemary Triscuits, didn't exercise, etc. etc.

I'm so disappointed in myself.  My husband went grocery shopping on Monday and we went to Costco together on Friday and as I'm putting away groceries I'm looking at the food going 'This is not the food someone who is on a diet buys.'

You ever feel that way?  When your groceries are loaded on the conveyor built and your looking down at it knowing that this really doesn't not look very healthy and you are sneaking the "bad" food under the bag of broccoli as if the person behind you won't notice. 

I need to be more honest with myself and not make this diet such a burden to myself.  I just hate dieting or making "life style changes", whatever you call it, I don't like it....but I don't like being fat and unhealthy either.  That's all, just a sucky week.


  1. At least you went today and faced the scale. I hope you have a better week! You can do it!!

  2. Hang in there. Im not at all happy with my weight. I buy good food at the store but munch on the not so good food in the pantries. If only a burger and fries were sooo healthy.

  3. So far this week is starting off better:) There are just some weeks I can't get a grip on things!!

  4. Hey Brandi, my blog is private now. Can you email me your email address so I can send you an invite. (If you still would like to read)