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Monday, May 23, 2011

My 2 New Obsessions!

I LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEE Pinterest.com !  Oh my gosh, it's like the best ever!  Basically people "pin" things to their online boards under categories like home, kids, fashion, photography, etc. and you can view people's boards.  I love finding great decorating ideas, recipes, and projects for the kids and I usually save the website under my favorites on Internet Explorer or I print the page and then I forget about it later on!  Errr!  Someone pinned the guest bedroom from http://7thhouseontheleft.com/ and I really want to do this to our guest bedroom! Love the aqua/gray/yellow combination!

My next obsession is an app for the Iphone called Fooducate!  It's awesome and FREE!  You basically "scan" the barcode on a food package and it tells you the Weight Watchers Points Plus value and also what the ingredients are (such as a chemical and what it's use is and if it's on the FDA's toxic watch list!).  My WW iphone app is really slow and time consuming to calculate points while i'm in the store but this is super fast!! I shared it at my WW meetings and people were loving it!

And I purposely am writing this in very teeny tiny print since I know about half my readers are trying to lose weight and I'd hate to sabotage your diet for even a day....but if you have a cheat time in your diet....these cookies at Annie's Eats are beyond delicious, quick and easy and are like 10 WWPP each, yikes!!  My husband grabbed his second cookie and I said to him, "I should probably let you know that those are about 500 calories each, that's probably why they taste so good huh?"  Not to tell him he couldn't eat it, but I just wanted him to be an informed cookie consumer:)


  1. augh, I can't get fooducate on my droid :( sounds like an awesome app!

  2. Oh wow you see now this makes me want an IPhone even more! That is AMAZING and so useful! Also I read about this Pinterest thing on another blog so after typing this I am off to check it out! I havent been around blog land lately but am off to check out your other posts now. Hope your family is well Brandi.

    Shel xx

  3. What should have said is am checking out your other posts now, and then off over to Pinterest lol! x

  4. Oh no Susie:( Well I'm sure they'll come out with the droid app soon!

    Shel, you'll love pinterest.com but it's a total time suck, just another way to waste my day away, haha!

  5. I requested a invitation to pinterest.com! How long does it take? It says I'm on a list...

  6. So I just found you on line and I just want to say thank you thank thank you for your videos. My husband and I have been trying to conceive and are doing what I call the "clomid rollercoaster" right now. I find so much comfort in your videos. Everyone I know is pregnant right now after only a few months trying and I decided to search online to find someone that knows what that is like. So thank you.

  7. ***This is Brandi but my blogger will not let me sign in??!!***
    Laura, I took about a week to get the invite!

    Jaylene, you are welcome and I love hearing comments like this because every week I feel like I should take the videos down because I reveal so much personal stuff and no one IRL knows about them, I'd be mortified if they found them! And I don't really post videos anymore:(