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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In: Uh oh, not good.

I gained.  I'd love to type a few choice swear words right about now but I can honestly say I was shocked!  I wear the same dang outfit to my weigh in every week and I always hop on the scale naked right before putting that outfit on.....so how did it read the same weight as last week but I get to WW and I'm up .8 lbs on their scales????  So frustrating.  Not that I would have been proud to neither gain or lose this week, but I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT WANT TO GAIN weight.  I'll take a bunch of small losses over any amount of gain and this one was a whopper.

A bloggger over at Talie-Ho! wrote, "*If something you have eaten isn't listed in the Weight Watchers database, that's probably a sign that you probably shouldn't be eating it in the first place."

I love the flexibility of Weight Watchers and no foods are off limits but it is very difficult when I do indulge in bad foods that aren't packaged and I try to figure out the points but she is so right on with that comment!

I'm really struggling with my kids picky-ness at meal time and it's amazing how not only to they refuse to eat the healthy stuff, but one week when they like something (say yogurt) the next week they will spit it out, turn their head, etc. as if I just fed them a brussel sprout.  People say your kids will eat when they are hungry.....not true.  My kids will get down from the table and not even ask for anything the rest of the night.  I might Vlog about this this week because I'm baffled and I'm torn between just feeding them what they will eat so they are at least eating something or just continuing to put the healthy food in front of them knowing it will end up in the trash or thrown across the dining table.

As far as my mood this week, it was pretty decent:)  Great stuff happening at work AND, and we hired an adoption attorney finally and everything should be finalized in the next couple months!!!

Here's to healthy choices this week!


  1. Yay for everything being final soon! For reason I thought it was, but I am glad to know you hired an attorney. Hopefully, he will be 100 times better than ours!
    As for the weight, just keep going! The scale doesn't always do what you want it to do at the exact time of your weigh in.
    You can do it!!!!!!

  2. I'm sorry about the gain...but can I say amen to my kid eating yogurt one week and spitting it out the next week. He also will take 3 bites of dinner, say "all done" and we let him down like the dr's say (don't force him)
    and he doesn't ask for anything else either!!!

  3. Hey Kim, my son's birth parents relinquished rights in late November and we waited until January to do a homestudy so we could just enjoy the holidays. So we are almost there!

    Susie- We never force the kids either but they aren't given milk until bedtime if they don't eat, they get water. Because both are more than happy to drink their weight in milk and skip all meals if we let them. And we all drink water as a family at dinner time. We tried serving them milk with dinner since I just thought that's what normal families did until I watched each of them suck down a whole cup of milk without hardly stopping to take a breath!!

  4. Hi Brandy, I have followed your story in youtube and find your honesty very inspiring and helpful as I struggle with PCOS, going trought infertility treatments and trying to manage my weight. I´ve discovered that lo-carb is the only thing that works for me and have lost loads! Im down 6kg (dont understand pounds, sorry..) in just 3 months. No hunger, feeling better and according last doctors visit, been ovulating for the first time in years. I´ve never been overweight but always on the verge of normal weight and overweight.

    Good luck and big thank you for your posts!

    Annukka, Finland