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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thyroid Biopsy is Benign!

Just a quick update that my results came back as benign!  Yay for me right?! 

I got a bit worried when the doctor hadn't called with the test results within a week like she said she would.  She's very organized and always calls when she says she will.  I had to call in to her office yesterday and she called back and said everything was fine!  I have another appointment with her at the end of June just to follow up.

Also, starting in January, we lost our primary insurance we had with my husband's union since he was laid off.  It was the best damn insurance ever!!  I could go see any doctor and it paid 90%.  Now we are using Tri-care and well, a lot of private practices do not take Tri-Care but my endocrinologist agreed to since I was an established patient.  I went to buy birth control and I'm used to paying like $10 for 3 months worth, this time it was $66!  Wowser!  But, the important thing is I have insurance, there was a period of 5 years when I didn't:(


  1. Yay for benign results!!!!!
    I know what you mean about the insurance, we used to have great insurance too. It covered IVF 100 percent and was just wonderful...then my husbands job dropped it and now our insurance is blah, blah...but I am with you...just grateful to have it!

  2. Glad to hear your good results!!! :)
    Sucky about the insurance tho but atleast it's something :)

  3. where lucky to have a national health service here in the uk although i guess we pay for it in other ways at least we get most of what we need for free.

    really happy hear to hear the result!

  4. Are you taking any meds for your thyroid? Is that why you are on birth control?

    I'm taking Methmizole and I have to be on birth control. I haven't gotten any, but I think I may because I can't go back to using condoms or anything like that. LOL!

  5. I take synthroid at 50mg and I'm on birth control so that I don't have another baby:)

  6. I was doing great on the bovine thyroid , but then my pharmacy couldn't get a reliable supply of my dosage, so now I'm ordering FROM Nutri-meds. Seems to work just as well.