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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your Schedule vs. Your Goals

I was asked last month if my schedule matched my goals.  Not at all!  Am I waking up at 5am during the week to work out, come home, get ready for work and be to work by 7:30?  Am I "time-blocking" during my work day to make sure I'm doing the activities I need to do to achieve my goals or am I surfing the web reading blogs, "window" shopping online, making personal calls.  And in the evenings am I accomplishing my to-do list (chores, organization, quilting, etc.)?  Nope, not a whole lot of that going on either.  I'm sporadic, all over the place and often times I go to sleep thinking I did not accomplish enough and I almost don't want to go to sleep because then I'll wake up the next morning and be faced with disappointing myself again by not following a schedule that allows me to reach my goals.  I can't even blame it on the kids!  Since my mom watches them, it really means I spend from 3:30-7pm with them everyday so they are not hindering me from following a schedule! 

Here's the schedule I'd love to follow:
5am- Wake up, head to the gym and work out.
6:15- Shower, eat breakfast, pack my lunch and get ready for work.
7:30- Arrive at my office (I like to get there earlier because it's quiet, I can really focus and get on track)
3:15- Leave work to go get the kids
3:30-7- Spend time with kids, cook dinner, bath time, story time.
7-8pm- Chores, organizing the house
8- Possibly 30 minutes of at home cardio to a DVD
8:30- Relax, quilt, read a book, or watch TV
9:30- Bed time!

This is what it looks like lately:
5am alarm, hit snooze, go back to bed until 6:45
6:45am- get up, "lolly gag" around trying to get ready, watch the Today show as i'm getting ready
8:30am- Leave for work
9am- check facebook, blogs, youtube, think of a million other personal things to distract me
10am- actually start working
2pm- decide that I'm really tired of working, leave work, run household errands
3pm- pick up kids
7pm- kids are in bed, sit in bed and watch 3 hours of TV like a big ol' coach potato.

BOOOOO!  Why am I doing this?!  I do start Bootcamp tomorrow morning at 5am-6am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 12 weeks and I'm hoping that pulls me out of my funk! 

Do you let the days and weeks pass you by without achieving your goals because you can't stay focused?  Or are you really good at keeping a schedule!  Please do share what works for you and what doesn't!


  1. Ok, so this could get a bit long whinded but here goes!! I work MOn, Tues, Wednesday afternoon:

    7.30/8.45am - get up at same time as baby, get her ready for nursery then watch TV while eating breakfast.

    8.45 - hubby takes baby to nursery, I rush around getting ready for work.

    9.15 - Out of the door...

    9.30 - 5pm Spend the day on Facebook, reading blogs, Email texting, personal calls... maybe through in an hour or two of actual work.

    5.15 - 6pm Prep dinner, waste time watching more TV, wait for grandma to drop Eden off.

    6 - 7pm Time with baby, bedtime routine.

    7pm _ Baby put to bed, hubby home from work. Sit and eat together.

    8pm - 10/11pm - More TV, maybe like, a half hour of housework.

    So what I am getting at is, your not alone! I have 2 binbags FULL of ironing I need to do sat in my living room that have been there a month (yes, a month). My bedroom looks like a bomb has gone off, and I cannot get motivated.... at least you are working out and not JUST a couch potato like me!

    Shel xx

  2. I have a wicked weird worked schedule so my home schedule has to change everyday and sometimes that gets me into a funk. But I'm like you where I feel dissappointed if I know that I didn't achieve all I wanted to in the day.

    Bootcamp sounds fun... and hard! Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your results!

  3. Shel, I'm definitely a couch potato! Hopefully today was the first day of really changing that with going to bootcamp......however I'm at work blogging, haha!

    Laura, bootcamp was super hard today, I'm so completely out of shape! Also, I've learned to make my "to-do" list to 5 items because I used to be able to fill up a notebook page and then I really could never say it was completed!