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Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Weigh In! Biggest loss so far!!

I'm super excited about my weigh in this week!!  I lost 2.2 lbs bringing me to 188.6 lbs!  I did work out for a total of 4 hours last week, 2 of those being bootcamp which is just super hard for me and really burns calories unlike anything I've ever done before:)   It was emotionally a tough week for me and I really concentrated on not eating my feelings away so that is a huge NSV for me. 

In our meeting one lady brought up the fact that with Weight Watchers we are taught not to beat ourselves up about eating unhealthy food once in a while or getting off track now and then but understanding this is a life long journey and those things happen.  She said she thinks about having a candy bar and looks at her points allowance or weekly points allowance and once in a while decides it's okay to do that.  What I really got out of her comments was that when I plan Saturday's "cheat" meal, I'm planning it.  I'm not upset at something and running by McDonald's for a cheeseburger and fries or I didn't plan poorly my meals for the week so I find myself telling my husband we should order pizza.  My splurges are purposeful and planned.  I think that's important in my life because I can tell you that I didn't become 200 lbs by ONLY eating when I was hungry.  A lot of it was  poor planning, emotional eating, and the inability to say no to food in social situations. 

We used to eat out a lot as a family but I finally set a $200 a month budget for us to eat out on so for a regular restaurant, that ends up being about 1 eat out meal a week and we usually do that on Saturday.  But this week we decided to skip it and eat at home for all of our meals and it was no big deal.  There's nothing worse than using your Weight Watchers weekly allowance points to eat out at a restaurant and then having the meal not be very good so at home I can control how good it was:)  We made pizza but we make a very thin crust pizza and I'm able to measure out the cheese and know exact points.  I did have a splurge though in the form of homemade cinnamon rolls topped with Pioneer Woman's maple frosting and they were delicious!!

My plan for this week is to workout for 5 hours total.  My trainer at bootcamp has the same heart rate monitor and watch that I have but that I never have used in the 4 years I've owned it.....so I asked her on Friday if she liked it and used it very much.  She said what she does is set a "Calorie Burn" goal each week.  Last week it was 3000 calories so she logs her burn every day.  I thought that was such a good idea versus a time goal because I can jump on a treadmill and after 45 minutes barely break  a sweat.  Or I can be in bootcamp and the first 10 minutes I'm sweaty and breathing hard.  So I'm going to try it out this week and get used to the monitor and logging my calories and next week I'll set a goal for calories burned.

How's your week going?  Any NSV or weight loss victories this past week?


  1. Girl good for you! Im so happy you are doing so well. Thank you for checking up on me it means a lot, sometimes I feel like I write to no audience, lol! I did post a quick update today in my blog.

  2. Yay!!!!! Congrats Brandi!!! 2.2 is awseome!! I did not weigh in last week because I was out of town. I did go to the meeting on Wednesday but I did not weigh in because I had just done so three days earlier. I am doing so goooooood this week!! I am exploring foods from other cultures that I make myself and I have cut out fast food. (It's been a little over a month since I have had it) I have also been excercising and I feel great. Congrats again and thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. Nory, keep writing if you like to just get it out there and have sort of an online journal:)

    Awesome Kim! I need to explore foods a little more, definitely something I'm not great at when trying to lose weight! I'm definitely ready for summer so we can grill and the produce gets a little fresher! I just bought 2 lbs of blueberries and I was packing them for lunch and discovered they have mold! I'm not loving that on WW if you use frozen berries or fruit, you have to count points, but not with fresh?