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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: At least I'm moving in the right direction!

I lost .2 lbs today.  Yes, a fraction of a pound:)  But that's okay, I'm moving in the right direction!

What I did learn is that eating 82 points in one day is not good for weight loss!  And I totally flaked on the gym part this week which is hugely disappointing to me.  I have the Couch to 5 K printed off and I did that 2 years ago and was amazed I could even run a mile so I'm going to do it again!  I did cross country running and track in high school but was SO slow.  Anyone was allowed to join as long as you came to all the practices and competed in meets and I did that.  I only have 2 more session of bootcamp.  I'm paid up for  a year of personal training and well, I've flaked REALLY big time on that whole deal.  I really could have someone train me 5 days a week for a month solid just to use up my missed sessions.

I do wish exercise was a part of my life.  I love it when I'm there, but getting there seems to be the issue.  And not because I don't have the time, it's just because I'm lazy.  I've been researching the Bob Duallie Strollers because the terrain around our neighborhood just doesn't allow our Graco stroller to be pushed around very easily and it only holds one kid.  Last year I just used a baby pack and my husband packed our oldest.  This year, they are just too big for me to enjoy doing that for very long.  REI has a 20% off coupon and we have some money from our yearly rebate so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it or not.  Anyone out there have a good stroller they like for walking/jogging with your kiddo?

So for this week I'm not going crazy with my weekend eating and I have to get myself to the gym with no more excuses!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Same here Brandi. crappy day- I used 47 points today (monday, first day back from spring break :( boo) anyway- you made my day-- I started laughing when I read you used 82 in one day--- sounds like the day I had- I came home and a bunch of carbs-- probably out of habbit but NEVER again! I even went walking, but work was crappy today and i just ate my way out of it tonight! Good thing we get a fresh start in the morning! and I guess i have tues-fri to get my booty in gear and NOT go over any points anymore. all I have right now is 13 act. point! i better start eating more salads!