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Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Vacation Gain but Lots of NSV!

I had intended to write down everything I ate and share a food journal with you all when I got back but about 3 days into it, I thought, this is really unnecessary especially because I have no clue what the nutritional value of 90% of this food is!  I don't think I updated my weigh in from last week but I weighed in at 189.4!  Yay for getting into a new decade, the 80's!  However, this morning, with a week a vacation, I weighed in at 190.8 but that's a 1.4 lb gain for the girl who generally gains 10 pounds per week of vacation.  So I'm happy with it and I really did splurge a lot.

I really made sure to eat 6 servings of fresh fruit and veggies and that worked out well but it is NOT CHEAP to do that on vacation, and especially at Disneyland!!  Everyday I ate at least 2 side salads with no cheese, croutons, etc. and dipped my fork in the dressing of my choice.  While at the Grand Californian I ordered a bowl of berries...after tax and tip it was over $9!!  While at my business meetings, I purchased a cup of grapes and a cup of veggies, each were $5!  Yowser.  But I felt I needed to do it because there was so much carbs and fat everywhere I turned, I wanted to make sure I was staying full on healthy items.  I also brought a box of Kashi dark chocolate and coconut granola bars in my suitcase and put 2 in my purse the first day to curb my hunger, they were AWFUL!  The chocolate was gummy and certainly didn't taste like the creamy chocolate I love so that was a bust.

I splurged by going to the Storyteller's Cafe at our hotel to celebrate my nephew's birthday and had the buffet, which I'm not a fan of buffets, but I had salad, fruit, roasted chicken, one chicken nugget and a small piece of salmon and then, 4 mini desserts and a scoop of ice cream!  I know, not on my diet plan but they were so delicious.

Then the following day we went to the Melting Pot!  Seriously, nothing healthy can come from a pot of melted cheese and a pot of chocolate, haha!  I even had a martini that I did not read the ingredient list close enough because when it came I said how it looked like melted ice cream....well it actually had a small scoop of ice cream in it!  Who drinks a ice cream martini with their pot of cheese and bread cubes?  Oh geez, I guess that would be me.  One evening we ate at this italian restaurant people raved about.  It took 1 hour, 15 minutes for our food to arrive.  I was upset and when my dish came, the inside of the manicotti was cold, the sauce was boiling hot so I sent it back and they took it off the bill so I only ate my dinner salad and a bread stick.  But I think it's good that my old self would have just ate it because it was infront of me, not anymore!
We did walk alot but one thing I did learn about exercise versus food consumption is that if you aren't working out hard enough to break a sweat and can eat a churro while walking, the activity does not offset the calories as much as one would think!  The picture on the right is at the Hollywood Tower of Terror, that ride scared me silly for some reason,  you can see me clutching my husbands arm in the first row.  I also grabbed the leg of the random guy next to me on accident when the ride did it's first drop, so embarrassing, he just laughed.  In closing, all I can say is that I allowed myself to indulge, but I did not indulge from breakfast to bed time and I wasn't embarrassed to order meals that were obviously diet like meals and my family was really supportive and didn't make a big fuss out of it.  I missed my boys like crazy and we skyped every night but it was nice to be able to be with my husband every night having fun without organizing babysitters and rushing home every day.  I did have one evening that I got a little ticked off at a situation so I ate way too much for dinner and more than eating all those calories, I realized I for sure am an emotional eater so not to brush off what's wrong when I feel like bingeing.  I need to address through a journal or something and figure out ways to work myself out of it!


  1. Glad you had a good time! I think you did well to only have a 1.4 gain. We are going to Disney in June and I can only hope for the same.
    I think the important thing is that you enjoyed yourself and you did not loose control! Yay!
    When you said you got upset about something and ate more, that soooooo reminds me of myself. When Levi was sick last week and I had to take him to the doctor, guess who ate ALL day?? It just kind of hit me when you said that. Being upset is a trigger for me, so I definitly need to find something else to do when it happens.
    Anyway, glad your back and so happy you had a nice vacation!

  2. Wow you did a great job! It's definitely hard with the temptation while away in vacation! Eating healthy is super pricey but seeing the scale later will make us happy in the long run. :)

  3. Kim, I wish I wasn't an emotional eater and I never really thought it was that bad but I certainly do not weigh 190 lbs because I only eat when I'm actually hungry! And we were at a mexican restaurant so I ate like 3/4 of a basket of chips, unbelievable! Sorry Levi was sick but it is really hard to stay focused on eating right all the time when things like that come up.

    Nory, thank you! It is expensive to buy produce even when I'm home but restaurants these days are outrageous and we easily spend $40 eating out at one meal so it's a trade off i guess!