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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Food- A little healthier but still yummy!

My go to party food is usually velveeta queso dip, some sort of cheesecake bar, potato skin poppers, and pizza!  But this year I'm attempting to have a little party food and lighten it up a tad.  Here's the menu for today:

Weight Watchers Chipotle Potato Skins (Recipe Here)
Baked Wings (not sure how these will turn out, here's hoping)
Veggie Tray with Light Ranch Dip
Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls from Annie's Eats (Recipe Here)
Chocolate Cupcakes with Oreo Frosting from Annie's Eats (Original Recipe Here)

Before you yell at the computer, "What is she thinking...Oreo Cupcakes!!"  I know, I know.  But i'm seriously lightening up the recipe without losing all the flavor and they do come out to 6 Points Plus per cupcake....but to indulge in Oreos and Chocolate, that is totally doable for me:)  I'll keep track of the changes I make and if they turn out, I'll feature the lightened up recipe here this week! 

And I'm hitting the gym before my family comes over to give me a little cushion in points.  I admit that I'm not a football fan but I can take it for one day a year:)  Are you cooking up something yummy for Superbowl?  Please share!


  1. No cooking for the Super Bowl. My husband and I just left the gym and a Subway date! :-) Have fun!!!!! Good job on getting the gym in!

  2. We should have all just went and got Subway and came back home! Little bite size snacks are evil!