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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Down 2lbs!!! What worked and didn't work this week!

So I REALLY wanted to hit my 5% this week which is exactly 10 lbs but I got so darn close this week and ended at 190.6 lbs leaving me with .4 lbs until I reach 5%.  But I'm really excited that this darn body of mine can manage to lose 2 lbs in a week!

I know a lot of folks think Weight Watchers is hokey because for meeting members we all gather once a week with our weight cards in hand, stand in line and weigh in in front of everyone and then attend group therapy (aka the meeting) for 30 minutes.  But for me, I get SOOOO much out of it.  From the accountability to the tips and tricks I hear at the meetings to the support of the leader and not to mention the revamped Points Plus program that has years of scientific research and testing behind it.  For some people, it's not aggressive enough as far as how much you lose each week or that you don't have to eat organic, vegan, gluten free, etc. What I always tell people is that for myself, I believe I will die from the amount of fat on my body before I'll ever die from eating hormone injected beef and carrots grown with the use of pesticides.  That is just my opinion though!  I love that I can eat junk food once in a while during the week if I have the points for it and I don't feel like I've cheated and that my kids can eat everything I'm eating.  And I really believe in slow and steady wins the race like the tortoise and the hare because I've had many friends lose 30-40 pounds (mainly on HCG or extremely low carb diets) in a few short months and then with in a month or 2 they gain it back (which I admittedly can do also) but I think weight watchers is easier to apply to your life for years and years to come.  Unlike the previous times I've done WW, I'm eating very few prepackaged foods or frozen meals and I'm eating more produce than ever before:)

Here's what worked this week:
1) I switched from a sandwich for lunch to a salad with grilled chicken.
2) I worked out 4 times for a total of 3 hours, 15 minutes. I missed Wednesday but did an hour on Friday to make up for it.
3) I tracked everything including my splurge meal.
4) I didn't eat my activity points but did eat 43 out of 49 of my weekly points allowance.
5) The only thing I got that was fast food was twice I got oatmeal from McDonald's.
6) I weighed and measured everything (3 Oz. of chicken is not much and my small sweet potato was 9 oz!)

Here's what didn't work:
1) Putting exercise off until the weekdays.  I need to try to at least do one weekend day.
2) Not exercising until after work or after dinner.   I need to work out at 5am.  Everyone's in bed, and nothing during the day has upset me or sidetracked me which allows me to go to the gym with a great attitude:)
3) Water......I drank my water 3 out of 7 days.  The other days I was 2-3 cups short which I did have coffee but I like the water to be 8 glasses of just water.  I need to drink more the first half of the day.

I really wanted donuts today so I decided instead of just thinking about it all weekend, just to have it and not go overboard.  My oldest has only had 1 donut in his life so I got him a sprinkle donut.  Well within about 10 minutes I had a headache from hell and my 2 year old had 2 bites and said "Done! Done!"  So we threw the rest in the trash and that was the end of that!  And I tracked the points for it, I didn't cheat, and it's time to get to work to lose another pound this week!


  1. My MIL lost over 100 pounds on Weight Watchers so it works. You just have to stick with it and be dedicated.

  2. Yay Brandi!!!!!! You are motivating me! I am on WW but I have not been doing well lately. It doesn't help that I was trapped in the house for four days because of snow/ice (everything was shut down)...That has led to eating on top of eating!
    Okay, so I am going to my meeting on Wednesday morning and I will do this!!

  3. YAY!!!!! Good Job! So proud of you and happy for you! I know it's an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

  4. Natalya, that is amazing! Good for your MIL!

    Kim, so glad to hear you are going back to meetings! We can do it!

    Monique- Thanks, you have been so motivating to me!

  5. PS- the fitness pal tracker rounds up my weight, so I haven't quite hit 10 lbs:)

  6. Great job Brandi! Way to go! :)