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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Bring To Work To Eat To Stay on the Weight Watchers Program

I love when Monique over at Finding the Courage To Change posts pictures of what she ate for the day!  I love it because she eats REAL food, nothing you'd probably turn your nose up to:)  And she eats very close to nature as I would say without a whole lot of processed food which is usually how I eat when I have a successful weight loss week.

So, I'm following her lead and here's a picture of what I brought to work today to stay on my Weight Watchers Program

Early morning snack: 2 "cutie" oranges, usually around 8:30am (0 PP)
Mid morning snack: 1/2 of a cucumber, 1/2 of green pepper, 2 Tb. ranch dip made with light sour cream and hidden valley ranch mix (1 PP), 10:30 am
Lunch: Fresh Express Salad Kit, I'll eat half, then save the other half for tomorrow, (4 PP), 3 oz. chicken breast which are Tysons cooked then frozen strips, I cooked them and diced them this morning (3 PP). 12PM
Mid Afternoon Snack: Pear (look how wonky that thing looks, gotta love winter produce!) (0 PP), 1 string Cheese (2 PP).

We have vending machines and a restaurant downstairs in my office building and the only way I stay away from those fat traps is to bring a grocery bag full of great food to keep me full all day!  And all this is 10 PP:)  I'd count this as 5 servings of fruit and vegetables even though I'm not quite sure how to count 1/2 a cucumber or 1/2 a green pepper.  Cooking Light featured serving sizes on their website in January and they had conflicting information.  Such as 1 pepper is 1 serving, but 1/2 cup of diced pepper is 1 serving and I generally get 1 cup of diced peppers from each pepper.  So I'm counting it as 5 for now!  Also I have to remember to drink water through out the day and we have filtered water and glasses at work so I'm good to go there!

Anyone else want to share a photo of what they eat or list it out?  I love knew suggestions!  Also, over at Baby Weight and Beyond, she shared a 1 PP string cheese that I'm totally adding to the shopping list this weekend!  Have a great day everyone!


  1. Is the weight watchers program better now than it was before? I know they changed the points, what is your opinion??

  2. @ Nory- Love the name :) I think so, it is geared towards less white starchy carbs and sugar but more fuits, veggies, grains, fiber!

    @ Brandi- cute idea...how do you hyperlink in your blog--- ya think i would know that one by now (crickets...)

  3. Nory, I do like it better because usually after I lost about 15 lbs or so, I was down to 1000 calories a day and I ate so many packaged foods like 100 calorie snack packs and such that I was just starving and then I went off plan. You can still eat that stuff but you basically get penalized for empty calories but fresh fruit is ZERO points! Because none of are overweight from eating one too many bananas and they don't want people to think that eating a 100 calorie snack pack is equivalent to a banana. I love it and I'm almost always full.

    @Annie, when I write the post, I highlight the words I want people to be able to just click on to go to the website, then on the toolbar it says link and I click that and it asks for the website address? I think?? Hopefully that works!

  4. Hi Brandi, new follower :)
    Doesn't non processed food just look better!
    Congrats on being a mommy.. We struggled and have our one precious boy!

  5. @Susie-yes....with the exception of ice cream and cupcakes! J/K...well kind of:) And I must confess, I'm not thrilled with salad choice, I could make my own dressing and skip the sugary almonds but for this week, it's at least a small step in the right direction! Great Blog and super cute kid you have there!

  6. @AnnieB Thank you :)

    @Brandi When I was on weight watchers last time I lost 83 lbs. but I was always hungry which of course led me to stop doing the program and now regret it :( Im gonna start it up again, Im gonna check out a meeting this week. Hopefully it sticks this time for me.

  7. Wow Nory, that is amazing! That is a lot of willpower to stick with it, I'm totally impressed. I think it's worth checking out:)

  8. Wow, Brandi...I just saw this. I am very flattered. Thank you so much for the compliment. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!!!