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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My full length mirror has been on a 7 year hiatus:(

As soon as I moved in with my husband 7 years ago, I no longer had a full length mirror.  At my parents house I had mirrored closet doors and I just never bothered to buy a full length mirror after that........and it's starting to become obvious that a new one might do me some good! I can't really tell what my outfit of the day looks like below the waste or all together and I have been perfectly fine with that concept especially once I gained weight.  Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my self full length in my office's bathroom mirror that is full length and a shudder thinking, wow, that looks awful!  Or that I had no idea my hips were now THAT WIDE!

I think it was Tim Gunn that said if a piece of clothing does not make you feel beautiful then it should not be in your closet!  Well duh!  But we all hang on to those items of clothing that are ill fitting for some reason.  In the past year I've become more aware of it and purged my closet every know and then.  Until about a year ago, I always thought I shouldn't repeat an outfit for at least 3 or 4 weeks(I went to the rich kids high school, repeating outfits too soon was criminal, uggh) but what I was left with was about 1 week of great looking outfits and well 3 weeks of random crap I threw together that just looked frumpy.  So I decided then that I'd rather have my office mates see me in the same exact thing week after week rather than look crappy 75% of the time.  Because really, aren't we old enough to get over the "Didn't she just wear that last week" cattiness of high school?  What that has translated into is that I'm much more picky about what I buy and I have to really love it to spend money on it and I don't care if it's $5 in Gap's clearance section, I'm not wasting $5 if it doesn't really fit my body well!  So here are some offenders that are in my closet that will have to find a new home this weekend:

1) Large box of maternity clothes.  I already gave away the items I wouldn't wear again but seriously, I'm going to want to do some shopping if I ever get pregnant again and I could be pregnant in a different season.

2) 6 Dresses (2 with tags still on them!)-  I think I'm going to take 4 of them to the dry cleaners and then to the consignment shop because all were pricey and I don't think I'll get much on ebay and currently NONE of them look even remotely good on me.

3) 4 pairs of jeans- I always seem to buy jeans last minute like when I'm going on vacation and so I want a new pair NOW and I don't allow myself enough time to try several pairs on and pick the best ones which results in a lot of awful fitting jeans!

4) An armful of shirts that look okay in the front but my back fat makes them look horrendous and well, you just can't suck in back fat like you can your stomach fat so those bad boys have got to go!

5) And last but not least- bad fitting bras.  I have a ton from Victorias Secret that I haven't worn in maybe 6 years but they are way cuter in the drawer than my granny bras that give me support and full coverage but if they don't look good under my clothes and don't fit well, there is no point in keeping them!

Do you have offenders in your closet??  What do you do with your clothes that you want to get rid of (Ebay, consignment, donation, garage sale)?


  1. I have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever, but luckily somehow birthed a daughter that does! She is my personal assistant, and most Sunday nights we stand in front of my closet, and she'll put things together that I never would have thought of.

    You know I normally dress like crap when I wear an outfit my daughter put together (yes, with jewelry too!) and people at my office ask if I have an interview! :D

  2. I do not have style either! I'm so not a snazzy dresser but one day I hope to be! That's great your daughter helps you out. By the way, I love your blog:)