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Friday, February 4, 2011

AF needs to give me a break!!

I decided to start back on the pill almost a month ago because I thought if anything, maybe it would help level out my hormones and I was not loving the idea of making my husband solely responsible for providing the protection (even though, I could seriously LOL right now because we could probably use nothing and not get pregnant still but no need to risk it!).

I had a 3 pack of Loestrin (sp?) that was prescribed to me back when I was nursing Dylan but I could never remember to take them!  I'm really proud to say I've taken 27 pills on time which is a lifetime best for me..............but I've had my period for 25 days!  I had it for 22 days straight when I started, then it stopped and now I'm on the pills that are just basically sugar pills and it's back, which I guess that's what it's supposed to do but I'm afraid it's not going to stop!  The last time I really gave the pill a go, I was 22 and I had my period for almost 90 straight days while on Yasmin and my old doctor acted like that was NO BIG DEAL!  Finally at the end of 3 months I went in and said that I couldn't take it anymore, this couldn't be normal and she just told me then to stop taking the pill and use condoms.  I had just started dating someone and it was awkward to explain why after 3 months my aunt was still in town! Awesome:(

I have no idea why my body does this.  Have any of you experienced this?  My mom keeps saying I should call my doctor but the truth is, I've been tested, poked, prodded so many times in the last few years, I just want a break.  I really don't want to have anything tested to only hear that something else could be wrong.  I'll give it one more month to straighten out my cycle or else it's going in the trash!!

And with that, I'm peacing out of my office for today and going home to play with my kids and do something fun!  Have a great Friday!!


  1. I haven't heard of it for that long straight. I know its normal to have spotting throughout. Sounds like you've tried a different pill and its still happening. Gosh, maybe call and ask an advice nurse since the doc syas just stop taking it

  2. Brandi- that is what lead me to my PCOS diagnosis. I missed a period for 60 days, then when I got it- I couldnt stop. I want to say for like 70 days straight. Everytime I would call, they would say it was "normal" umm...how is that normal? they said my uterus was extra thick from not having AF for so long, that everytime I got stressed, worked out, had sex, or changed something about my diet- i would start bleeding. REALLY? But my ultrasound showed that my lining was perfect thickness for a baby- not too thin, not too thick? I felt so dumb because everytime I would call and tell the phone nurse at my OB's office what was going on, they would say, as long as it isnt bright red for all those days straight, it is your body and we cant really stop it. 3 appointments later....the OBGYN said i prob. had PCOS and my weight gain along with the other (stress, working out, and sex) was making me bleed (so more hormonal than physical). The only "treatment" was BC or pregnancy. Well, since my husband and I dont believe in BC, then we obviously had and WANTED, pregnancy. Thus- now I am on metformin. It still hasnt helped yet-- I am now down to AF every two weeks. 1 week on, 2 weeks off, etc etc since Jan-- so im on now, for the third time since the beg of 2011. My follow up is MArch 25, by then I am supposed to have dropped weight and level my cycles out....but who knows.

    According to my OB it is very "normal" too. And, well- I just dont see how...and i really would rather not have another trans-v ultra sound (yuck).

    Sorry this is happening, maybe it is your new healthy diet change/BC???

  3. That happens to me, the only BC I've had that I never bled on was the Mirena. Always bled on the pill and Depo Shot. I hope it gets better for you soon!

  4. Brandi, I went to a few doctors before one finally explained it to me. In PCOS, since we don't ov we don't produce enough progesterone to counter the estrogen. This estrogen dominant environment causes the uterine lining to continue building and sloughing off. My doctor would give me PIO injections (I know you've been there before...ouch). You can also take a mini pill or use a progesterone cream which is what I used to avoid the injections.
    Amazon sells a great one: http://www.amazon.com/Emerita-Pro-Gest-Natural-Progesterone-Paraben-Free/dp/B000IMQE5U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1296922150&sr=8-1

    I know you probably already know this, but be sure that your multi-vitamin has plenty of iron or ask your doctor for Chromagen Forte which is awesome for anemia. Also, taking ibuprofen will help slow the bleeding slightly.

  5. Multivitamin? oops, I know Lynn, I should totally be taking one...I'll start today:) Thanks for the explanation, so interesting! Natalya, I'm glad to know you found a pill that didn't make you bleed, I'm tempted to call my doctor and see if I should switch.

    Annie and Susie, I posted a response yesterday and it must have not actually posted?!

  6. I'm sure Mirena IUD works because it's progestogen-only, however, that's not practical for someone who will be TTC soon. :/

    Also, sadly a lot of doctors will not recommend an OTC remedy such as NPC (natural prog cream) which is exactly what women with PCOS need if they are having anovulatory cycles (no corpus luteum means no progesterone which results in too much estrogen). The best thing will probably be the progestogen-only pill Cerazette. Please mention this to your doctor. I am seriously surprised at the number of doctors who do not make the correlation of low p4 with PCOS patients. Sorry you're going through this and I hope you find a solution soon. ;)

  7. Stupid PCOS.....I haven't had my period since I went off the pill in July :(

  8. I had the same issue, but I bled for over 6 weeks on Loestrin. My doctor said it was normal, but at my insistence took me off the pill and put me on Nuvaring. The bleeding stopped soon after I started it. Might be something to consider...plus you don't have to remember to take those pills!

  9. @Lynn, oops, yes I forgot Mirena was an IUD. This is the first I heard about the correlation of low p4, interesting stuff:)

    @Monique, I think Shel had that same issue if I can remember right on her YT videos but she was able to straighten it out with Metformin and conceive baby Eden. Funny how at this age and time in our life we want a normal period! Not too often but not too far apart:(

    @Nicole, the Nuvaring gave me an infection so I had to stop it after about 3 weeks. I got an infection to when I took the progesterone suppositories when I conceived even when I switched to the natural ones a pharmacist made me...so apparently my body does not like those "situations".