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Monday, February 7, 2011

One Born Every Minute on Lifetime= AWESOME & HILARIOUS!

Anyone else out there used to watch just about every episode of A Baby Story on TLC?  Well Lifetime has that show beat HANDS DOWN!  One Born Every Minute premiered last Tuesday and even though I  missed getting it recorded....my husband and I snuggled in bed on Friday night and watched it on my laptop.  I know, we are just total party animals on the weekend and live such an interesting life:(  We laughed so hard but also got to share our memories of when Dylan was born.  We laughed through most of my labor and the nurses even said we could come back any time because we were so much fun!  My husband and myself are not interested in watching the actual delivery of babies or seeing what comes out after the baby and we just don't get that "Oh it's so beautiful and natural!" feeling that some people do watching birthing videos.  In fact we skipped the whole Lamaze and birthing classes and just winged it! 

What I love about this show is that the cameras are for the most part installed around the hospital and they don't spend so much time on interviewing the family's story leading up to the birth.  AND...you get a real view of what the nurses think and do and say and I really appreciated that part because I always wondered what some think of the choices that patients make during that time.  Like do they think I'm a wimp for getting an epidural or that I'm crazy for not wanting to hold a mirror to look at my baby's head coming out??

If you want to get a pretty good idea how my labor went and my attitude during that time, I was a lot like the 40  year old lady in the first episode that got an epidural:) 

What I was not like was the couple with the doula and the midwife trying to do everything naturally and took about 5 showers and the husband kept reappearing after that with a towel or sheet wrapped around his bottom half and no pants!  What the heck was that!!  My husband asked every time if I thought they were having sex in the shower because they moaned so loud when they were in there.  It was bananas!  I loved when they were squishing against the ball and moaning, LOL!  My opinion on this couple is that if your insurance or budget would allow for it, why didn't you do a home birth or birthing center? Maybe it was because she was 2 weeks overdue but I feel like if you want that natural birth, why go to a hospital?  When you walk through the doors of the hospital, the hospital is now liable for your care and helping keep you and that baby safe!  So when they want to monitor the baby or tell you that taking a shower is dehydrating you, you need to listen! I thought this couple was so rude to the nurses and in the end they got Pitocin since there rubbing on a ball technique was not working.  And don't forget that so many of those nurses are also moms and many of them did a natural birth so they know what you are going through. 

And my two cents on Doulas (and every time I say that word I follow up with Doula-ob-longata that Adam Sandler says in one of his movies)....the ones I know in real life and the one's I've seen through shows like this, they tend to be people that like seeing babies being born and reliving their own labor and delivery and they only see a handful of births every year yet the L&D nurses see hundreds of births each year....so who do you think has more experience and knowledge to assist you?  That's fine if people want to pay a doula but they are not medical experts and I think this show was a fairly good example of how they are there to make you comfortable but not make important medical decisions.  Here is an example of from the show http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/one-born-every-minute/video/bonus-scenes/episode-1/pam-talks-to-liza .

Oh and the birth plan (watch when the couple that wants a natural birth pulls out their plan, so funny to see the nurses reactions).....even my doctors asked me to make one but I didn't worry too much about it, I allowed my doctor and the nurses to help guide me from hour to hour on how to proceed and it was so much less stressful.   

Anyways, enough babbling, just wanted to say I think the show is worth watching on Tuesdays and even some of the husbands and partners out there may even enjoy watching it too!


  1. hahahhahaha omg my husband and I were rofl the whole time we were watching the "natural birth" couple. Only because of the fact that they were doing the same thing over and over and the MOANING, GEEEZE!! My hub said they were definitely doing IT, lol!! Anyway, what irritated me the most was the fact that they refused to monitor the baby. If they wanted absolutely no medical intervention, they should have tried a home birth. I'm with you, I so think I'll be like the first lady, n did you notice she had the easiest birth of all! My nightmare is that I'll end up like the second lady with an emergency C-Section =( Anyway, thanks for posting this, that show is funny!

  2. Oh good, i'm glad your hubs thought the same thing. How awkward right?! I love when the nurse told the couple that had a c-section that she should watch who she breeds with if she doesn't want such a big baby! People say that about me since my husband is 6'5" and 250lbs. I do think if you don't want medical intervention, don't use a hospital if you can avoid it. My fear was that something would be wrong with my baby and even if they called the ambulance, it would be about 10 minutes once the baby arrived in the OR. No thanks:( I can't wait to see the episode tonight.

  3. We have One born every minute in the UK but it's set in a British hospital, it's fantastic to watch but makes me feel sad that my labour day is over!!xx