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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cyber Bullying, Why Are People Doing This?

I didn't even want to devote an entire post to this but this morning I was really thinking about cyber bullying among women just like us......not teenagers that we read about in the media....but GROWN WOMEN.

I've been turned off a bit lately while reading comments or listening to videos on YT or online on other outlets where one person makes a snarky and sometimes a really horrible comment and instead of someone who can erase it, erasing it, you've got a whole lot of women throwing their 2 cents in on the guilty party?

I think they believe they are showing their support of  the "victim" but really, it's childish, just erase the comment and move on.

Everyone at some point has a horrible day and makes a comment they'd like to take back or they truly intend on making the other party feel bad (there are those people that just feel entitled to always give their opinion without regard to how it will make the other person feel, especially in public situations on the internet) but how is it okay to go on and on bullying the person that makes a rude comment?

I at times regret making snarky comments, and then I think to myself, 'Seriously Brandi, did you really think it was okay to make that comment?  Why would you do something that intentionally makes someone feel bad?  You don't have to give your opinion on everything!'  I especially went through a period where I had to learn to just let things roll off my back when Dylan was first born.  Everyone wanted to give me opinions on breastfeeding and not being a stay at home mom, and a part of me wanted to fire back nasty things that would cause them to feel bad.  I may have let something slip now and then but I hope not and I surely didn't try to make comments publicly.

So I'm leaving my email right here, pcosmom29@gmail.com, because if you ever feel like I'm out of line, let's discuss it privately or if you have a comment that you really feel the need to tell me that you know you will get bullied on, let's deal with it there.  But I must say, I've totally enjoyed my blog readers and also reading other peoples blogs, I feel like I've been able to learn a lot more about people through their blogs than YT because not everyone has the time or resources to vlog very much so I'm loving this right now!


  1. okay, I am really not stalking you...well, okay i am via blog world- you keep me entertained at work so i have to!

    I went super hormonal and did this-- i had to get off of FB for a while because i would just go off-- i said one or two things that pissed someone off, i apologized---we all do it! but you are right, THIS has to be a NO BULLY zone--this is our outlet, lets not ruin it people. Poor Carla @ thebubblelush- she gets picked on all the time and is as precious as can be!

    These cyber bullies need to get a life and leave others alone :)

  2. I know Annie, I need to get some work done too! HAHA! Yes, and Carla's not alone, Lora and Layton, Dreamflight, and several others that I don't know their screen names.

    But I do consider the bullies the people that fire back too, not just the person that said the initial rude comment. I don't think when someone makes a rude comment it's a free pass for everyone else to bombard that rude person and attack them IMO:)