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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Field Trip with my Family!

We took a little trip yesterday to a conservation center with tons of "wildlife" and the kids loved it!  It was cold, like freezing cold and windy but it was still a fun time.  I have a couple pictures of AJ on here, I can't show his face really, but i'm this close to showing you all:)

Dylan and Me, he wouldn't look up:(


Yep, that's right, eating the snow that's been there all winter, yum!

He LOVED it so I let him just go for it:)

Wild hat hair and the look of 'I've only slept 30 minutes today, and I am not going to take a nap!" (Don't worry about his shoulder strap, we weren't moving, I fixed it!)

My husband and AJ.

1 comment:

  1. haha I love the "eating snow" shot. I love the way EVERYTHING goes into their mouth at this age, although it can be scary too!

    Look forward to seeing Aj too x