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Friday, April 22, 2011

My Love of Baking is Killing my Weight Loss Dreams!!

It's true, I love mixing butter and sugar and flour and making incredibly delicious baked goods or combining yeast and olive oil and bread flour and other add ins in my bread machine and turning it all into a carb addicts little piece of heaven.  I love, love, love to bake and I just have yet to get the satisfaction out of baking healthy foods.

My head is foggy again, I can't seem to focus or complete any goals right now.  I really wanted to have an awesome week of weight loss but here's how my week has been so far.......

Saturday- weighed in then went home and popped in a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls, Clone of Cinnabon, and I could have stopped there and made that my treat for the week.  But nope, I decided to go ahead and make Lemon and Vanilla Bean White Sugar Cookies from Annies-eats.com with Butter cream frosting in the shape of bunnies with the kids.  I ate 4 of these over the course of the week.  First I'd break off one ear and eat it, then I'd go back a few minutes later and break off the other ear, then half of the face, and then, forget it, let's finish that bad boy off because who leaves half of a face of a cookie right?

Sunday- Ate another cinnamon roll (13 pts.).  At our family dinner I ate 3 pieces of garlic bread plus a piece of pumpkin pie with cool whip.

Wednesday- Slightly annoyed by something at work so I decided to eat a package of Special K Strawberry Thin crisps, 2 bunny cookies and 4 OREOS, WTH?  I can tell you how bad I wanted to Oreos by telling you they were in the cabinet above my fridge on top of some pans which required me to use the BBQ tongs that are like 2 feet long and I had to "knock" the package of Oreos down.  OMG, what was I thinking?  Total sugar overload day.

Thursday- Lunch with my friend who was having a really bad week.  I suggested a cute cafe knowing I could get a side salad and 1/2 of a sandwich or soup but she said she really wanted some greasy food so we went to Boston's.  She had  nachos, I had a Santa Fe Salad (22pts) and didn't eat 2/3 of the fried chips or the sour cream and sour cream, but still, not within my points range.  And I ate 5 Reese's PB eggs.  Awesome since it was 2 days before weigh in.

And today is Friday and so far so good and I ate all those bunny cookies so there will not be those to eat when I get home and I packed my lunch.  But this is just ridiculous.  I'm just off track.  My Weight Watchers leader always says that just because you trip on one stair, don't throw yourself down the entire flight of stairs.  I'll post tomorrow my weigh in results and my new menu for next week based on the PCOS Diet book (still don't like the book but I'll give it a shot for a week).  Sorry to just rant on here but it's kind of like therapy for me:)

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  1. You are doing amazing! Don't let a few days of bad eatting get you down! You can do this Brandi! When your a WW leader u will be able to talk about this week and help others.