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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In: Okay, making progress!

I lost .8 lbs:)  I don't want to follow that last sentence by saying I should have done better because, heck, it was almost a full pound!

I stuck to the PCOS diet plan only for 3 days.  The weekend was terrible and I used all my allowance points on Easter which included 22 points of candy, oh my!  There are definitely things I like about the PCOS diet plan but it was very difficult at dinner time when I had a grilled chicken thigh, spring mix green salad, asparagus and a sweet potato because my kids had no interest in eating ANY of it and my husband wasn't thrilled. Like he can handle one meal like that per week but not every night.  And it took a lot of work making a dinner like that with no prepackaged foods only to turn around and have to make the kids something else.  I know I need to do this for me but let's face it, making 2 separate meals a night is exhausting and in no way helps me feel great!!   The lunch I ate from the PCOS diet was definitely filling and easy to pack my lunch the night before.  Only little glitch I had was some days I had to eat in the car on the way to back to back appointments with clients and I couldn't eat the soup.

Our BOB stroller finally arrived!!  My kids went nuts for it the minute my husband had the last piece of it put together.  The oldest climbed right up in it and said, "Ride! Ride!" and Dylan was trying to crawl up in it.  Then they didn't want to get out of it when it was nap time!  We took them on a 40 minute walk and I burned 227 calories which is awesome. 

So I'm feeling good this week and still have 1.2 lbs left to hit the 15 pound mark so I'm trying not to stress and just keep moving forward!  Have a good week everyone!


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