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Monday, April 25, 2011

PCOS Diet Plan: Changing It Up

So here goes, this is what I have stocked in my kitchen to eat this week!

1 C. Multigrain Cheerios
1/2 C. 1% milk
handful of blueberries


1 Slice whole wheat bread with 1 T. Peanut Butter and 1 tsp. 100% fruit spread
1 C. Chicken noodle soup
1 C. carrots and celery with 2 T. low fat dressing
1 Apple

2 wedges Laughing Cow Cheese on 4 Reduced Fat Triscuits and bell pepper strips

3 oz chicken or salmon
1 cup sweet potato with spray butter  (or 2 tsp. smart balance spread, need to check the points value) and cinnamon or 1/2 cup brown rice
1 c. steamed veggies
Small green salad with tablespoon chopped almonds, a few mandarin orange slices, 2 Tb. light Asian dressing
8 oz 1% milk

What do you think?  Seems like a lot of food huh?  Nothing very exciting.  When I did the points value it came out to 6-10 points too much per day....I can see places where I could eliminate food but I'm not sure if that screws up the whole concept of the PCOS diet.  Any thoughts?  Anyone out there that's followed the diet mentioned in the book?  And you'll notice, there is no suggestion of bunny shaped sugar cookies with frosting damn it!


  1. so.. i dont know if you read WW magazine... but.. there is this peanut butter called "better'n peanut butter" and its 2g fat 100 cal for 2 TBS= 2pts... its delicious! and of course low fat!! Menu looks good.. i have to start tracking again! ive been slacking in that dpt!

  2. I do subscribe to WW magazine (a coupon blog had a code to make it like $4 a year!) and our leader talked about this PB. I think one small store in our state sells it so maybe I should track a jar down and see how it is! Menu is satisfying so for. I did pop a couple reese's mini PB eggs last night though darn it. It was 2 pts:)

  3. FINALLY!!! I've watched your videos on youtube, I'll admit I even have them book marked on my blackberry. You are such an inspiration!!! Truly!

    I've been diagnosed with PCOS and I'm on the Metformin life sentence, we start Clomid this month. I'm beyond nervous!
    I hope Clomid brings us success, so far the ob says my only problem is ovulation. HSG all clear, hubby's sperm amazing, my lh is high and my testosterone is slightly elevated..oh the joys of PCOS! :(

    I have a blog too, please feel free to follow along..

    I can't wait to follow you! I look forward to advice from you as well..heeeheee! ;)


  4. Good luck on your journey!!! I added your blog to my google reader so I can keep up with you:)