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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thanks for your advice and thoughts!

I really do appreciate your thoughts on whether it's reasonable for me to expect that I could get pregnant without infertility drugs even if I lost weight.  Since reading your responses I've decided that I need to focus on losing the weight not as a cure to my infertility but to improve my overall health and to feel good about myself.  Because the last thing I want is to hit my goal weight and then have a break down if I end up needing fertility drugs of any kind since that would most likely just lead to me gaining a ton of weight from being depressed AGAIN about my infertility. (And I can't promise there won't be some small breakdown if I go through fertility treatments of any kind again, I'm not the greatest at just putting on a happy face in tough situations!)

And I'm with some of you as far as realizing that my ovaries as far as I know, are broken.  They just don't function perfectly all the time or consistently.  But they functioned perfectly for a brief second so I'd love them to show off like that once again when I'm ready. 

Do you all read Ronisweigh.com?  She's got great before and after pictures of her tummy tuck after losing a lot of weight on Weight Watcher's and she still had loose skin. I'd assume my stomach would look similar because it's been stretched for oh, something like almost 20 years!  I really liked that she posted pictures because it's good to know that even at your ideal weight, you could still have the same belly skin issues as you did at a much higher weight.  I'm totally getting my skin chopped off when I'm done having kids and lost weight.  I've been planning it since the age of 21, haha!  Sorry, I got off on a tangent there:)


  1. I apologize if you feel like I shared too much with my last comment...I deleted it. I agree about the weight loss. I should have just left it that...

  2. I must say I completely think it's possible to get pregnant without fertility drugs, I'm living proof! While my first baby was conceived after many years of ttc with the help of fertility drugs... Our new baby was a complete surprise.

    After our son died I went into a deep dark depression. 2010 wasn't an easy year especially when in December my husband got a very bad form of pnemonia. He was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and had to go in for outpatient treatment everyday for a month after he got out of the hospital. So because he was in the hospital and because the meds would make me sick we made the decision to go off the drugs.

    Feb I was trying to go back on them but didn't get the hang of it (I'm a horrible pill taker) But despite not being on the meds my cycles went to perfect 28 day cycles.

    March I just kept waiting for my cycle to restart and it never did. The previous month I got some weird pms symptoms that were very much like early pregnancy symptoms. So this month I didn't really think anything about it but then my friend Jessica had me take a test (my sister had a spare) and it went zero to positive in no time flat. and the night I conceived my husband should have been out of town on business but they canceled because they had to many on the project.

    I'm 6 weeks and due in December.

  3. Oh Kim, shoot!! I wrote this post very quickly and you didn't overshare, I'm so sorry i made you think that:(. I value all of what you say and please always speak freely on here!!

  4. Hey girlie! I am glad you are feeling better about life! I agree...I am def. not always on the upside. But through yrs of therapy, Ive learned to tell that little voice it my head "Oh NO MA'AM we ARE NOT GOING THERE TODAY!" Sometimes I might be talking to myself in the car or at work...but I have learned to shut it down (80 % of the time) Just try it....Tell that pesimistic lady in your head to shut it down! It will make you feel GREAT! keep up your hard work and maybe one day you'll get another suprise when you least expect it!

  5. That's a good idea Annie! It's amazing the conversations and negative self talk I allow myself to participate in:(