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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend and Other Happenings!

How as everyone's 4th of July?  Anything fun to report?  It stays daylight here nearly 24 hours so they do fireworks at midnight and you it's like watching them in almost perfect daylight so we skipped that, didn't go camping but we had a great weekend!  Here's a run down of my past week:

Wednesday- went to the endocrinologist, seems my nodules are growing, scheduling another ultrasound today.  I've been off synthroid for a week since my husband's Tricare (military insurance) doesn't want to pay for the name brand prescription, I said screw it and just paid the $53 for a 3 month supply.  I don't feel like synthroid helps me at all.  Are you on it?  Does it help you?

Saturday- Celebrated my anniversary with a lunch date and saw Bad Teacher.  I had asked to not exchange gifts, just to spend time together but DH had already picked up my gift and we had bought him a new wedding band last week because he lost his almost 2 years ago so it all worked out.  I'm surprised we are getting along so well after hitting rock bottom.  The one thing I really try to do is not hold a grudge because that is something I do all the time.  Trying to have a fresh start would be pointless if I can't let some of those things go.  Here's my pictures of us taking my present for a spin!

Yes, no denying he's my kid.  I have a slight obsession with ice cream:)

Sunday- It was our turn for family dinner so we had breakfast for dinner and even had some mimosas! Yumm.  I didn't take pictures of our food but I tried 2 new recipes.  I made the Pioneer Woman's Berry Butter and French toast (it's to die for, insanely good and easy!) and  A Southern Fairytale's Cheesy Ham and Hashbrown Casserole.  Total comfort food in my opinion.  Certainly not helping my diet AT ALL and I need to cut down to trying non-diet recipes once a month versus twice a weekend!  I also have been working on AJ's room.  Since the boys like to keep each other up at night, we split them into 2 rooms quite a few months ago and I felt bad that he had white walls and nothing in that room except for a bed.  I'm obsessed, if I haven't said it before, with Pinterest.com and grabbed several ideas for his room.  I'm not big on matchy-  matchy rooms (ie like buying Disney Cars and every item they sell to match)  but kids love that stuff and it's their room so I went to the dark side and did a theme, cars/trucks, but I'm trying to break it up when it comes to accessories, wish me luck! I have several projects for his room not complete so I'll update you as things get finished.  Here's a few pictures of the start of his room redo!
I painted these canvases and added the little cars.  Total cost was $8 since I had the paint, just needed canvases!

We did the white line for the road with vinyl strips we had made by an etsy seller.  We are still looking for a bed frame, bedding is from Target.

I'm going to trash that dresser in a few days.  My dad and I pulled it out of a dumpster 9 years ago and well it looks like it was pulled out of dumpster:)  Why is wood furniture so expensive?? 

Monday, 4th of July- All my boys took a 4 hour nap while I worked on more crafting and then we headed over to my parents house and ate BBQ pork sandwiches (recipe was Pioneer Woman's Dr. Pepper Pork) I had made.  We skipped dinner because I think I was in a food coma and just couldn't eat anything more after lunch!  One super easy project I'm working on is a book sling for AJ's room and my darn sewing machine was acting up so I had to take a break from it but the tutorial is here from Penny Carnival and here's a picture of what her's looked like:

Hope you all have an awesome week!!  Any fun projects I should include in AJ's room?  Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Love the updated take on a wall paper border. It's fabulous.

    What about a round mirror and you paint the frame to look like a goodyear tire? Or throw in some checkered flag accents, or license plates! Those are always neat.

    Accents of diamond plate? Like on a picture frame or light switch plate.

    Maybe a table painted to look like a stop sign, or a street sign with his name on it.
    A red/yellow/green street light.

    Can't wait to see the finished product :)

    (An ice cream machine for a girl on a diet?! mean. :P )

  2. I wanted to say that I take Levoxyl which is a generic form of Synthroid. It works well. You may need them to up your dose if it isn't working. I know Dr's always hate doing this. At least this might be a bit cheaper route.

    Going to check out those recipes! They sound yummy!

  3. @Bubblelush, I never go "antiquing" or whatever they call it but I'd like a stop sign and some old license plates that are a little roughed up for his room! And yes, that ice cream machine is the devil especially because I made the full fat ice cream in it, yikes!

    @Jennifer, my endocrinologist told me to absolutely not get the generic form and that it doesn't actually do the same thing as synthroid. She even wrote "Brand Name Medically Necessary" on the prescription but Tricare rejects prescriptions if a generic is available. I paid the $53 so it wasn't too bad. But the crazy thing is I've been off the pills for 2 weeks just being lazy going to pick up the prescription and my blood test came back as normal thyroid levels so maybe I don't need it? I'm going to keep taking it since it's such a low dose but maybe my thyroid levels and postpartum thyroiditis is gone!