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Friday, July 15, 2011

Possible Challenge? Going back to the diet that helped me get pregnant with pcos??

I've been thinking about it, what if I challenged myself to just 1 week on the Candida diet.  I love to eat, I love to cook, I love all things sweet and sugary, but that makes it really hard to lose weight and I know the Candida diet is good for my body and is not restrictive as far as volumes really of food.  Not like that damn HCG diet that I think is bogus. 

You know it really stinks when you try to lose weight in a healthy manner and everyone around you is bragging about loosing 15-20 lbs. a month on a diet that, wait for it......wait for it.....requires you to not exercise for a period of time.....oh and eat like 500 calories........then gorge yourself on certain days......then back to eating like a bird.  It's shocking that people look at the diet and think it's a good idea.  Yes, doctors have found out how to manipulate the body to shed lots of weight but do you seriously think 2 years from now or even 6 months from now it's going to still keep the weight off.  Plus I think it's really bad role modeling for your kids because you would FREAK out if they ate that way and told you, "Sorry Mom, I can't go run outside and play today.  This diet tells me not to get exercise." 

I think last time, I just dove in with desperation hoping ANYTHING would help get me pregnant so I didn't have a good idea of what to make, I just kind of winged it.  This time I'd like to plan it out, come up with some recipes and see if it that helps.  Now, I'm not saying that I can stick to the diet for weeks on end, but what if one week a month or one week every couple of months I sucked it up and tried it?  I also should add that I'd be combining this with counting Weight Watchers Points Plus and making sure I'm still hitting my 29 points because that weight will come right back on if I'm eating far too many calories and then the next week go off the Candida diet.

This weekend I'll be researching recipes and see what I can come up with that would conform to the Candida diet.  Ideally, I'd like to do the diet for one week starting on 7/23.  If I do it, I'll post recipes and my results and hopefully some of you will try it and let me know your experience.  I feel really good this week by the way since I've been eating well and hopefully the scale reflects that tomorrow at weigh in!!

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  1. I am very interested in seeing how this goes for you. I have the same feelings about HCG diet.