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Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In: Yay, a good loss!

Don't get too excited, it was 1.2 lbs, but for me, that is AWESOME!  I went to the gym twice and on Friday I had planned on doing an hour and a half hike with Dylan in the Ergo.....well trying to strap a 28 pound tall toddler in that thing is tough.  I couldn't do it.  He looked content but the strap that goes around your waist area pretty much squeezed through all my fat like it was trying to slice me in 2!  I need to order the Ergo extender but still, that much weight pulling on the belt, so not comfortable.  I guess it's time to save up for a hiking pack from REI before we miss out on the rest of the summer hikes.  So anyways, we headed to the zoo and I pushed my Bob stroller around for about an hour.

I read a client's sister's gastric bypass blog this weekend and she mentioned how she had to have the surgery because she had PCOS and it made it impossible to lose weight and now she is 320 lbs.
 I think impossible is the wrong word.  Somedays it feels that way but most weeks that I exercise and eat right on my point target with Weight Watchers, I lose something.  Not 5 lbs but something.  And yes, there are weeks when I gain or only lose .2 lbs but most of the time I can't blame it on PCOS.  It's surprising how our mindset with PCOS can really play into whether we are successful at losing weight or not.  I struggle with it too at times, but impossible is just not in my vocabulary when it comes to losing weight.  I seriously am determined to kick PCOS' ass!  I've never given my body a chance at seeing if it works correctly by being a healthy weight.  I might get there and still need medical help to get pregnant, but at least I can say I did all I could do on my own.  Okay, that was a little rant:)

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