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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dueling Ducks? Potty Training a 1 and 2 year old Simulataneously!

Oh yes, potty training not just 1 kid, but 2...at the same time.  We first bought a singing potty, what the heck was I thinking?  Instead of going potty, they played with the fake handle, the toilet seat lid, the little cover that you can flip down so boys don't pee everywhere and basically anything else but sit on it and go potty!!  Then I saw the Baby Bjorn pottys but at $31.99 a piece at Target, I quickly scanned the aisle for the cheap ones.  $15.99 a piece and ladies and gentlemen.........

we have these cute frogs!

Enter kid 1- he's 32 months old (okay, that's almost 3 years old), he's feisty, screams NOOOOO a lot, thinks it's his right to just go the bathroom in his pants whenever, doesn't understand that you only get potty treats when you well, go potty, not pooped your pants.  He was ambitious at 18 months old and would regularly sit on the potty, but after a month or so of that, it was not interesting to him but he still begged for potty treats.  And he has went number 2 on the potty once in a year and a half.  Austin wants absolutely nothing to do with potty training.

Enter kid 2- he's almost 21 months old, thinks pottying is fun, likes to mark his territory which means he will pee in both frogs and then ask to go on the big potty.  He asks to go potty, willing to go poop in the potty, he can hold his bladder much longer than his brother, will sit on the stool in the bathroom cheering on his brother to go to the potty so he's just a pottying fool! However he does still go potty in his pants, we are only about 2 weeks into this good routine and I'm definitely not ready to put him in big kid underwear.

The thought did cross my mind when Dylan was still a baby that I wouldn't be in charge of potty training because they are boys so naturally my husband would teach them.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  I'm not enjoying this parental responsibility at all with my 2 (almost 3 year old).  He is fighting it big time but since he's almost 3, I'm not willing to back off and come back to a month or so from now.  It's time for him to learn how to do it. 

I never try to make anything a competition between the boys, but buying two plastic frogs that allow them to do their pottying side by side to each other has been great!  And using phrases like, "Dylan is going potty, don't you want to go potty?"  "Look, Dylan is getting a potty treat, if you go potty, you can have a treat too!!"   Other moms have said I should take advantage of the summer and let them mark their territory outside.  Outside where?  In my culdesac, let them out to go pee on my flowers or the side of the house?  In the grocery store parking lot?  In the yard of their playmates house?  At the playground?   I'm really not interested in that, I'd rather them learn you go pee in a potty.  I've read over at The Steece's blog they did in a weekend with quadruplets and it involved lots of cleaning and huge blue tarps, again, not sure I'm ready for that. 

I can't wait until I'm cheering them on at a little league game instead of in the bathroom while they do a number 1 and a number 2:)

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