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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back on Metformin! My annual exam...yippee:(

Today was my annual exam, oh joy right??  As much as I don't like this yearly chore, I was glad to be able to sit down with my doctor and hopefully get my body back on track since a few things have been off this past year.

I must have really had pregnancy brain because I've totally blanked on my doctor's conversation with me post partum about why I wasn't to take Metformin any more.....humm.  Maybe some of you that are post partum can fill me in on why/why  not to take metformin assuming you are not TTC'ing? Please!

Anyways, my doctor put me back on 1000mg of the extended release and I'll start with one pill a day for two weeks then I'll work my way up to a full dose.  She said it will help with "getting my weight under control."   And she threw in real quick that I should try South Beach because sugar and carbs can do a number on patients with PCOS.  That was that, we really didn't get into a discussion about it.  I never had the horrible side effects from Metformin like the constant need to run to the toilet so I hope that is the same this time around.  I can't believe I'm 26 months past partum and currently weigh more than the week after giving birth, boo! So with that, I'm thankful my doctor takes my weight issues seriously and isn't afraid to address them. I'll keep you all posted on if I think Metformin is helping me lose weight:)

Next thing we talked about is my libido.  I'm not going to go into graphic detail but it's suffice to say I feel I have zero libido which is so opposite of myself pre TTC'ing and is something I'd like to change.  She switched me from Loestrin 24 to Lutera birth control to hopefully help. She gave me shot of progesterone to start my period since my cycles are all over the place and I haven't taken birth control since September.  My doctor also suggested a testosterone cream that I'd rub on but I told her that worried me because I have always had high levels of testosterone and all I could think was growing MORE hair and I do not want that!!  She said we'll start with the new birth control and she had me get my blood drawn and see if after a few months, I have a low libido then we could add in the cream.  Good grief, I feel like a menopausal middle aged women and aren't I supposed to be in my prime!?!  She said your hormones change after having a baby and so does your life so sometimes it's all about planning when to do "it" and just forcing yourself to do it.  I've tried....it's just not super enjoyable.  I miss that feeling of actually wanting to do it.  Okay, enough about that because I don't care to go TMI in that department:)

I also got my blood drawn to check my thyroid levels.  I told her about my sudden weight gain in the beginning of October (approx. 10 lbs in a few weeks) and this was pre-holiday cookie baking (where I was actually able to lose weight) so she said my hormones could be off and it's all about fine tuning it. 

I was also reminded to do monthly breast exams myself....so guilty of not doing those, need to make sure I remember because I do think it's so important.

Vitamin D- I'm supposed to take 2000mg daily and she was shocked I hadn't continued that after my pregnancy.  Ooops, I blame it on pregnancy brain:(  Seriously, like I've said before, it's like I blocked so much of the medical/PCOS/Infertilitfy facts and lingo out of my head as soon as Dylan was born that it's like starting over from square one!

We did talk briefly about TTC'ing and what that would look like when I'm ready....which I'm guessing will be in a year.  She asked why I was worried about getting pregnant and I said that I was afraid that with the passing of each year that my chances would go down of being able to get pregnant.  She reminded me that I am 30 and if I was getting close to 40 she'd be worried.  And I trust her.  This doctor gets a lot of ladies pregnant that other doctors couldn't.  She said above all, you should get pregnant when your relationship and your family are ready for another baby, not because I feel like I'm running out of time.  True, very true. 

When I'm ready to TTC she said we will do a couple blood draws to check my levels of several things again, probably do an ultrasound to check if I'm ovulating on my own and how my follicle looks, etc. and then I can try naturally for a month, if it doesn't work then she can add clomid.  But one thing we agreed to is that I will be monitored even on my "natural" cycle because last time I was in desperate need of progesterone shots to keep the pregnancy going and that could happen again and I don't want to lose a pregnancy just because I was trying ot do it all on my own.

Being in her office brought back so many great memories!  Up until I met her (and I was pregnant 6 weeks after my first appointment with her!) each appointment at my OB was about disappointments, vague answers, expensive bills because I was labeled as "infertile", the "well, we will just keep on trying" uneducated response from my OB, and the "there's nothing more we can do to help you.  That'll be $650, cash or credit?" from the shitty endocrinologist my OB referred me to.  And then I met MY DOCTOR.  She was awesome and still is.


  1. This is such a wonderful post..I could literally relate myself with this post. We been TTC more than a year now..I have been taking clomid and metformin and no luck yet..The Doctor asked me to
    do HSG which helped in regulating my cycles..Hope it remains that way(Fingers Crossed)..I have been exercising and eating home cooked food and have managed to lose some weight (8-10 pounds)..

    Planning to cut down carbs and sugars..
    Hoping to conceive with all these modifications to the lifestyle.. You are such an inspiration and your blogs are so good..

    Thanks for writing and please continue..

    Cheers and All the best

  2. Thank you! And that's awesome you've made changes to help you TTC!

  3. I have been on Metformin also 1000mg. I gained about 20lbs in a month prior to being diagnosed with PCOS. We have been doing the wait and see approach with conceiving. I just turned 36 and worried I will never conceive again. I am doing WW also. I have lost 16lbs. I don't do the best at counting my carbs but since I'm losing I feel I am doing ok. I just went on Cymbalta and feel that has helped me a ton with curbing my appetite. Exercise is next. I totally understand how frustrating this can get. Keep up the good work!