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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Progesterone is evil!!

My doctor decided to give me a progesterone shot on Thursday to start my period so I could start my new birth control. No biggie I thought because I had had several of these shots after being pregnant to keep my pregnancy going.

Oh my god, that shot knocked me for a loop! I woke up on Friday with a super sore spot where I got the injection on my backside and by sore I mean I limped around all day because it hurt so bad. I massaged it all day long hoping to loosen it up but it still hurt. Then there is the dizziness and nausea. Those two symptoms are what I felt for so much of my TTC'ing with clomid and then when I got pregnant. Boy do I not miss feeling like that.

It took all I had to keep myself from not throwing up:(. And it just felt like a chemical had invaded my body and I just wanted it to pass quickly. By Friday night I had a terrible headache and fell asleep right after 9 because I was just miserable. Saturday I still had all the symptoms but they finally faded by about 4pm.

It was a reminder, a sort of wake up call, that I need to take charge and get as physically healthy as possible before TTC'ing next year because all the drugs and shots make enjoying my pregnancy out of reach. And if I have to take drugs, the so be it but I promise to do my part in preparing my body.

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