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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on My Sister's Baby!

So......my sister had an ultrasound today to check for a heartbeat and it seems she ovulated and conceived a week later than she thought!  That means the baby making happened at her own house, haha!  It's crazy because she does the temperature taking method and it said she had ovulated all most 2 weeks before Christmas when in in fact it didn't happen for another 3 weeks and she had a super long period.  Maybe that's TMI about my sister's cycle:)

I do question temping because it makes me wonder if for a year she could have been missing her ideal time and I think that's why doctors have you TTC on your own for a year because eventually it may just happen, otherwise they might have to help you narrow down the time you ovulate as a first step and then if that doesn't work then move on to other methods to conceive.

This means I will have a niece or nephew in late September! 

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