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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Sister Got Her BFP.....at my house, LOL!

My sister has been trying for almost a year to get pregnant and I felt bad back in late September that she missed her window of timed baby dancing to meet me in Seattle for my birthday................but she made up for it when she stayed with us for a week during Christmas and apparently conceived my future niece or nephew here! Awkward yet hilarious at the same time! 

I'm so excited for her and she didn't find out until she was 6 weeks pregnant (she's currently 8 weeks now) because she figured it hadn't happened before so why would it have happened in December?!  Hummm, sounds very similar to my story and we also found out at 6 weeks.

I take full credit for all the awesome homemade food I made her and the stress free week which was the key to her getting pregnant!  I'm kidding:)

I actually thought that maybe my BIL would ask to wait to have kids once they left because my boys were glued to him the entire time and that's a lot to take in when you are used to so much quiet time in your own house!

I can't wait to start shopping for this baby!!! 


  1. How fantastic and what a funny story. Congratulations xx

  2. I'll update in a post in a minute but looks like she actually conceived a week later than she thought, darn it, I was going to tease her forever about this one!

  3. That's great!!! congrats auntie! In a 12 month period I will have become an aunt twice and a mother! So we're pretty excited about all the new babies, as I'm sure your family will be too! ~Britt