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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Natural Approach to Infertility and Balancing Hormones

I write a lot on this blog about my hopes to conceive next time without taking medication and also to sustain a pregnancy and my healthy during it without taking 13 pills and multiple injections.  I also talk about losing weight (or the lack thereof) often.  I found a new blog that I enjoy reading, Fitnessista.com and she was struggling to get pregnant when she reached out to a homeopathic doctor and was finally able to get pregnant.  I had thought about going to a naturopath after my failed cycle in January 2009 because I felt so completely drugged up and I had a friend that was a skinny PCOS'er get pregnant after visiting one because her original doctor wanted to prescribe Clomid and Metformin and she said no way! 

You can read about Gina's experience with the homeopath here.  She worked with Patrick Flynn of Wisconsin by doing monthly phone consultation and following his guidance.  I was a bit intrigued so I watched four of his YouTube videos including the ones on thyroid issues and I think he's right on with a lot of his information.  I just wanted to put this out there on my blog in case any of you are thinking of taking a natural approach but don't know where to start.

I just joined a co-ed vollyeball team a few weeks ago with my husband and one of the ladies is a nutritionist and I over heard her talking to our teammate about her friend that is 6 months post partum was put on thyroid medication and they started talking about how the thyroid works and how that was absurd and my ears perked up and I finally just turned around and said I was really interested in listening to what they say because her friends scenario sounded JUST like mine.  I won't go into a lot of detail but I have always questioned if I really  needed synthroid because one time I sort of lied to my doctor and hadn't taken it in 2 weeks and she did a blood draw and called me after to say that I should keep taking synthroid because it was doing it's job.  6 months later I went back in and I had been faithfully taking it for months and she did another blood draw and again said it was doing it's job.  Hummm.  Odd, so I had the same results and and off of it?  It certainly doesn't help me lose weight IMO, but because I've had problems with my nodules and two biopsies I decided to continue with it.

I sort of feel like if I go to a homeopathic doctor that my current doctor will feel like I cheated on her.  And then if I really do need her help or I refuse her drugs that she'll not be helpful.  In reality, I should just talk to her about it and see if she's open to working with a homeopathic doctor or if she thinks they are quacks!  She's been so helpful and she is the reason I was able to have Dylan but I'd really like to be a little bit less drugged up next time!  But I do take responsibility for the fact that I did not lose weight and change my diet for several months before seeing her so she was doing the best she could with what I presented her with.  Let me know if you've heard of Patrick Flynn or you've had experience with a homeopathic doctor!


  1. Hi Brandi,
    I wanted to comment on the use of thyroid meds. I have taken meds since 2003 and m Dr. has always told me that your levels adjust after 4 weeks of change in dose. Your 2 week hiatus may have not changed your levels enough to make a difference. I take thyroid pills after having had an ablation so my thyroid is completely not functional, so I have to take the medicine. I honestly don't feel any different on it, I know my body can't make it on it's own so I know my body needs the med. I take Levoxyl. I hope you find the answers you are looking for =) Love reading your posts!

  2. Hey Vicky! So in the conversation with my new teammates, the nutritonist was saying (and I'm not sure if I believe her or not yet) but she says there are natural supplements that rebuild your thyroid from the cellular level. She believes that taking synthroid tells your thyroid, "Hey, I'm working fine! Just do what you've always been doing." Versus not taking synthroid and then taking supplements that trigger your body to realize it's not working properly and needs to get to work. It sounds hokey, I know and wouldn't it be nice if our insides had an intercom where we could just yell at it to get to work! But I have yet to stop taking synthroid because my endocrinologist has been doing this for 25 years, you'd think she knows what she's doing right? Thank you for the explanation on the 2 weeek break, makes perfect sense!

  3. I have to say that I've been to a natural doctor and she did a series of natural tests and found different discoveries that I had not been told by a regular MD, but I must say, I'm freaked out about the idea of leaving my doctor and going to her. I feel the same way, when I need my doctor, she probably won't help me. Plus I'm already scared with Graves disease and testosterone high as the sky. I go back to my Endo in Feb so I'll find out what she wants to do but I'm so scared to go strictly to a natural doctor. I want a child one day and I too don't want to be drugged up, so I don't know what to do myself. Having these two things already freak me out, I can't imagine having my doctor freak me out!!

  4. Hey Mrs. Liegey! That's exactly how I feel about going back and forth between the doctors. My testerone is sky high too:( I wish there were more studies comparing patients trying to conceive under the care of a naturopath versus a regular medical doctor so I had something to go off of.