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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paula Deen Has Type 2 Diabetes....My Thoughts.

I read a couple blogs from normal weight bloggers this morning bashing Paula Deen and referencing her interview on the Today Show.  Since the interview hadn't aired where I lived yet, I wasn't quite sure if these bloggers were over exaggerating.  But then I watched the interview.....AWKARD.  Mainly there is judgement over her decision to wait 3 years to let the public know, she's now a spokesperson for a drug company, and that she wouldn't state that her diet was possibly the biggest factor in her diagnosis and that she proclaims she hasn't changed her diet and that she's always ate in moderation.  So here we go, here's my thoughts and I'd like to know yours!

She waited 3 years to tell the public
I believe this is 100% her choice and knowing that a wave of "I told you so'" was probably more reason that she wanted to put it off.  Her mental health is just as important as her physical health and if she truly thought that was going to be stressful and the time wasn't right, I'm supportive of that decision.  She claims she waited because she had nothing to offer people initially and know that she knows more about it, created a website, and knows one method of controlling diabetes with the use of the drug she's a spokesperson for, she felt it was time to reveal the truth.  I think sometimes people believe that celebrities and public figures owe it to us to put every aspect of their lives out there and I don't agree.  And if she was doing it because she thought it would hurt her brand and career, I think that is fine also. 

Paula Deen states she hasn't changed her diet and always ate her recipes in moderation.
I call the bullshit flag on this one.  I'm sure if she was filmed 24/7 for weeks, and someone calculated the nutritional information of everything she ate, she was consistently over eating.  You just don't get to be that size (and don't get be wrong, I think she is really beautiful but she's not even close to being a healthy weight) by sticking to only the calories you need.  And what is moderation?  Say she makes one of her meatloaf sandwiches or eats a piece of homemade cake only once a week and eats "normal" the rest of the time.  I'm guessing you are eating probably 750-1500 extra calories a week.  In a year that's 11-22 extra pounds of weight gain a year.  Sorry Paula, it's adds up.  I can see it if she said she went walking with her husband for an hour and then treated herself to one piece of cake a week. 

Should Paula lighten up here recipes?
I don't think anyone making her recipes is fooled to believe they are healthy.  For me, I watch it to get ideas for special occasions.  I would never even think of adding even one recipe a week to my dinner menu.  But would I add one 2-3 times a year, sure.  That's moderation.   I just don't believe she has to lighten up her recipes but I think, if she wants, it could be a teachable lesson to viewers on how to enjoy her recipes once in a while and still keep your diabetes under control.  However, she tried to explain on the Today show how she doesn't eat "that way" every day and I do feel I'm fairly intelligent but just watching her show here and there I definitely was under the impression she at that food every day.  I just didn't picture here making grilled chicken and steamed broccoli for dinner, do you?  If she does, then I miss judged her. 

Am I a hypocrite?
I take Metformin that is prescribed for diabetic patients......yet I'm not diabetic.  I'm just a person that can't seem to get my weight under control by eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise but it's my fault.  I don't even think my genes play a role as much as my environment does.  I think why my heart goes out to Paula a little more than some others is because I know it's not just as easy as saying "Don't eat that!  Exercise more!"  Food is like an addiction and it's a strange addiction because unlike drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, you still have to eat food...the right food...but you still have to eat.   I'm able to isolate myself  from those other addictions, but food is something that I have to see several times a day so it's an all day long struggle to say no to the wrong foods or the wrong amounts of food.  And for Paula, her addiction (if it is that) is tied in to her career and her income and I can't imagine how difficult this interview today was for her.

I'm curious what your reactions were to Paula Deen's news? 

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  1. Well said Brandi. I like Paula Deen's recipes but I only use them once in a while. I have always loved Paula Deen because she makes no excuses for who she is. If people think she's unhealthy or cooks fattening or unhealthy recipes then they shouldn't watch her show. Having said that, I have wondered if she does eat like that every day? It wouldn't seem like that to me or she'd be like 500 lbs. Anyway, hope you are doing well...love reading your posts!